The Ultimate Yu Yu Hakusho Guide (3 Important Questions Answered)

Welcome to the Ultimate Yu Yu Hakusho Guide!

If you’re a fanatic and want to get into Yu Yu Hakusho more, then this guide is for you.

Let’s get straight to it.

The Ultimate Yu Yu Hakusho Guide

  • What Is Yu Yu Hakusho About?
  • When does Yu Yu Hakusho get good?
  • Why does Yu Yu Hakusho end so early?

What Is Yu Yu Hakusho About?

Yu Yu Hakusho is about a troubled teenager named Yusuke who dies and gets a second chance at life again.

As a condition for his return he agrees to be what’s called a spirit detective.

A spirit detective finds problems that happens on the earth (living realm) and fixes them, usually by force.

Each case that he goes through brings him new friends and new enemies.

The show in general deals heavily with demons and martial arts.

To sum up a central message for the show, it’s living life for the people you love.

That, and fighting for a greater good, whatever the cost.

When does Yu Yu Hakusho get good?

I personally think Yu Yu Hakusho is entertaining all the way through, but there is a point where it really picks up.

As I said in the song “Secrets” belove, it really gets good when you reach the Dark Tournament arc.

It gets good at this point because it’s a build up for an epic showdown between Yusuke and Toguro.

There’s plenty of matches during this arc that’s fun to watch.

That, and everybody on Yusuke’s team gets a chance to shine in this arc.

Check it out and share your thoughts.

Why does Yu Yu Hakusho end so early?

Togashi ended this show early because he was plain tired of the series.

By the time he quit writing the series, he decided to start writing the amazing anime that we know today as Hunter x Hunter.

You have to understand, he wrote it as a 24 year old up until 27, and finally quit because of the strains he went through.

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Great Hook describes Yu Yu Hakusho as having a great hook. (What is a great hook in storytelling)

It Holds Up Better Than Any Other Old School Anime makes the claim that it, “holds up better than any other old school anime.“ (What other anime were around at the time it was released)

The Ending’s Pretty Good

I looked on they agree with me as to the ending being pretty good.

Dark Tournament Arc

Each arc in the anime seemed to get better with each one that was presented.

“When Does Yu Yu Hakusho Get Good?”

One of my personal favorite arcs in the series is the Dark Tournament Arc.

Leading up to this part is the introduction to a new foe for the show’s hero.


Toguro’s the strongest demon that we see Yusuke, and now a complete team face.

Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara all get great fights in.

We get to see new power ups, transformations, and backstory for all of the fighters up until this point.

But the arc concludes with a great battle between Yusuke and this new demon (Toguro).

An Example Of Anime Done Right

According to My Anime List, they agree that it has everything going right fit it and it’s a model work for other Animes to make their own compelling stories.

Final Thoughts

These are my reasons for why you should start the Yu Yu Hakusho anime.

The hook is great.

You can find all of the seasons on Amazon’s Prime Video selection.

If you go to the links I provided earlier then you will be helping the site directly.

I have an Anime page that’s made directly for fans of the community.

Click here and find more answers to your questions about your favorite anime.

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