Use Interests – Help Your Wife Get Friends and Hobbies (Successfully)

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Discover how general interests can help your wife get friends and hobbies, ultimately making her a success.

Use Interests – Help Your Wife Get Friends and Hobbies

Help your wife find friends and hobbies with popular general interests. With movies and tv shows. Their music choice, option to make money online, and even sports, it’s becoming easier than ever to become that social butterfly you always wanted to be.

Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV Shows are great things to be interested in to help your wife ultimately become more social.

There’s plenty of movie and tv critics that encourage new people to engage in discord with them about various topics concerning your favorite tv shows.

Movies too.

These are people just like you who happen to really like movies and tv.

They range in various genres, all across the board.

In addition to the professional critics, there’s less formal fans that are eager to talk about your favorite show or movie.

These type of people, I personally like to refer to them as being more a semi-pro reviewer.

So basically, they talk about these programs for peanuts (or free), but they genuinely care to inform people about what they find out that’s interesting about their program.

The good news is that you’re able to get as specific as you want.

You can find a community (likely online) that engages in discussions about a genre she may like.

It’s really helpful when you search by genre, because you also get the benefit of discovering new programs as well.

There’s also more opportunity to find more friends and discovering hobbies at the movie theater.

The movie theater is constantly being updated with new movies that encourage people to come out and discover new films.

If you get to the point where you’re a regular, you’ll eventually get more comfortable to approach others and make new friends that way.*

*applicable specifically for movies, in this scenario


Exposing your wife to better music is another great way to help her find more friends and hobbies in life.

There’s a circuit in the mind that professionals tend to call the “Theory of Mind.” And what this theory of mind is can best be summed up as an empathy radar. It’s important to get in touch with this empathy radar because it allows you to get to understand others better, and that’s one of the number one ways to make friends.

Next is what I call the I.D. effect. This I.D. effect in theory suggests that the music you play helps identify who you are as a person, what your hobbies are, and much more. It’s important to identify yourself with making friends and getting involved with hobbies because it communicates who you are. Think of it as your advertisement that tells people whether they should hang out with you.

Music also attracts others to create. Depending on if your spouse is musically inclined and is open to making music, then there’s plenty of opportunity to make friends.

Throughout the year there’s plenty of festivals and concerts that are looking to have bands perform (I’ve been to a few this year). “Why’s that,” you may ask. Simple, music brings people together. If you take a more proactive approach to reaching out to others that make music, you’ll be sure to find friends that will commit to you and help you make that a permanent hobby.

The last point on music that I’d like to make is the social justice factor. You’ll find that in the music tab, we talk about this more, but music and social justice often go hand in hand.

Your spouse can use their taste of music to fight real social justice issues.

Make Money Online

Making money online is a great option to help your significant other become more social and developing her hobbies.

Everybody likes money (at least everybody I remember coming across when I got into middle school). We’re in a very money driven type world, and with that you get a lot of people who are seeking counseling from others who may know how to get more of it. With that you get people who join groups, find forums, message boards, and more that eventually make friends with people that are on the same goal as them (making money of course).

There’s new students daily that are trying to learn a tactic that works for them. If you help your spouse explore and find the thing that seems most attractive to them then it’ll be easier to get them possibly started in a course. And in that course there’s going to be friends that will have a genuine interest in her growth and development.

Give it a shot.

Digital is convenience, remember that. In today’s day in age, there’s new millionaires being made each day and it’s happening via internet. I challenge you to find someone that’s a millionaire in their respective industry without any friends.

My point is that with this age of digital entrepreneurship, friendships are inevitable. It’s inevitable because making money online requires helping other people. If you’re genuinely interested in helping other people and making friends on the way, and making a hobby out of the journey. Making money online will be a perfect fit for you.

The last thing about making money online that will help you socially, is the fact that it’s a skill you’re learning. There’s many different ways to do it (making money online), but with most skills you learn, someone is teaching it to you. It’s also going to be a hobby (the thing you’re trying to get your wife into) until it’s something you do professionally.

And the only reason I say a hobby is because hobbies are fun things that you do in your spare time.


Sports is yet another way to help your significant other to become more social, get friends and find a hobby in the activity that suits them.

It makes it easier to have a choice considering there’s separate genders for every sport you can think of. I’ll add that this was taken into account for more of the person who prefers to only watch a sport. It helps because it makes seeing what’s happening more realistic, depending on who’s watching.

If you prefer to play a more active role, there’s also the opportunity to join a league. A league will expose you to many different people that already have a shared interest with you. It’ll consist of your team, coaches, staff, and even other players depending on how social you are.

Team dynamics, in which you’re working together with others towards a common goal makes friends period. If you find a particular focus out of the team dynamics that you’re a part of, then congratulations- you found a hobby.

Booster programs. These are yet another way to promote more social tendencies, regardless of who’s participating. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “it takes a village to raise a child.” The same can be applied to a team.

It takes a family to make a team. With joining a team, you’re also going to be building a camaraderie with other like minded individuals, and that should say enough.

Lastly, in sports, one option that could be considered is coaching. Coaching can be considered because it will encourage a friendship. Whether that friendship be among the players, fans, staff, or anyone else, coaches have to be social. And arguably, they have to find ways to make hobbies that are conducive towards the growth of their team.


In conclusion, from the movies and tv shows, to the music you listen to. There’s plenty of options for your spouse. There’s the option of making money online, and sports as well to add more variety.

One of the strongest relationships that I’ve seen happen was thanks to starting a YouTube channel together.

The overall goal of this site is to achieve success through using your hobbies and goals. That’s why this question was answered. You can share this site with anyone, because there’ll be plenty of topics that be discussing, and questions I’ll answer in those topics.

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  1. Active communication and working together as a team and don’t let others get in the way of you and your girl. Ride for eachother till the end . Start a YouTube channel.

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