(The Reason) Why TV Shows and Movies Are So Popular

Find out why movies and tv are so popular.

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Why TV Shows and Movies Are So Popular

The reason why tv shows and movies are so popular is because of a few different reasons. The first is that it provides escapism for the viewers. The second is because of the good characters that we get to experience with each flick. Another reason is that the pictures seem to have a “timeless vibe” effect. Lastly, these tv shows and movies identifies moments in times that we can go back to whenever in time.


Escapism is one of the reasons why movies and tv shows are so popular.

First of all, it’s a cheap form of escaping. You consider a movie ticket nowadays are anywhere from $5 to $20 (and that’s a really nice theater). That’s pretty cheap considering what most forms of entertainment usually cost.

The movies and tv shows that people enjoy also are so popular as a form of escapism because they provide non-judgmental perspectives. You look at most social settings in where people are constantly getting anxiety from a common of feeling judged by other people. However, in movies and tv, they are scripted forms of entertainment that are less invasive and telling you what to do, or what they really think of you for that matter, which is a great relief for someone who may be dealing with those problems.

The escapism with movies and tv are also a great relief of pressure from everyday life. There’s a lot of things we have to do in life, and with those demands come a lot of pressure. A good picture allows you to relax and disconnect from those demands, ultimately doing wonders for your mental health (when done in moderation of course).

Good Character

A good character is another reason for the success of a movie or television program.

A good character allows the audience to build a connection with the character of the story. A popular character is one that’s ultimately relatable, someone that the audience can see themselves as, regardless of how extreme that character may be portrayed. For example, one character that seems to do this well is the iconic Joker, from the Batman universe.

Good characters are ultimately the essence of the plot, and that’s why most leading actors/actresses in pictures that do well are typically the highest paid as well. They drive the story to heights that capture the attention of unlikely audiences. We as an audience want a good story, and that’s heavily relied upon the balance of both writing of a good character, and having a good actor that can play it.

We also love a good character because of the distinct qualities that they posses. There’s plenty of other characters that make that show. There’s characters that make other shows as well.

The good ones are able to be identified from it’s competitors.

“Timeless Vibe”

It seems as though the popularity of tv shows and movies are also credited to their Timeless Vibe feel. What I mean when I say that is that they are solidified much better than what was done in the past. They have an infinite feel, in a sense that once it’s made, it’s there forever. And depending on the reviews it can be either a good thing or a bad thing.

Their timeless feeling in where it feels as if it never ends is shown also in their new seasons (or franchise extensions, depending on if it’s a movie). The spirit of the story stays alive because the producers continue to think of new ideas that extend the plot. There’s a reason why the longest running television shows and movie trilogies are usually the most popular.

Another way this popular tactic is extended is through spinoffs. Spinoffs keep the spirit of the story you grown to know and love alive because it’s typically the same format, but through the perspective of maybe a side character that gets a good reception from the viewers. They’re usually done pretty well when spread across television and film, but if I had to give the edge to a more common area we see them, it would be television.

Also, the repeat value of the pictures that we watch make them seem immortal. Face it, if we continue to replay and re-watch all of these shows and movies, they stay alive in the minds of the public. They also tend to be remade for future generations as well.

Identifying Moments In Time

Finally, another reason for why movies and tv shows are so popular is it’s ability to identify moments in time.

What that means is that it reflects specific time periods, depending on where the story takes place in. It can be nostalgic for viewers (especially older western movies), because it captures how much we’ve progressed as a society. It specifically applies to people who grew up in that time period.

It can also be educational for viewers that are big fans of tv and film because it gives you insights. Insights on what life was like in that time period, what their limits were as a society, what the culture was like, and things like that. It actually helped me get a better idea of what life was like when I took a class on past cultures called “The Rolling Decades.”

The amazement that some of these tv shows and movies bring through the time period they choose to focus on is impressive too. It might be a stretch, but there’s actually a spongebob episode that comes to mind called sb-129. It captures multiple periods of time pretty well, and all over the course of 11 minutes!

If you’re into movies and television as much as I am, then you can appreciate these subtle nuances that make a difference in why you like a picture.


That’s all I have for this article. There’s plenty of points mean explain what makes TV shows. Escapism,, timeless vibe, and disability type in the final moments in time. If you like this article please check out our other one as well.

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