Why You Should Start Watching the HBO TV Series “Euphoria” (Answered)

Read the reasons why you should consider watching HBO’s Euphoria.

Why You Should Start Watching the HBO TV Series “Euphoria”

There’s a lot things that make the show Euphoria so watchable. For me, I could appreciate the fashion that’s displayed. The show can be started at either season. It easily can hold the attention of viewers. They keep it real with their audience. And I really like Zendaya.

The Fashion’s Cool

When you watch the party scenes, it seems to be a time for the designers to show off. The way they dress their characters shows the difference between going to a party in an older time. They give the characters of the shows pretty cool clothes to wear.

There’s a few Nike, Converse, and other shoe brands that are shown. I’m particularly a shoe fanatic, so I immediately noticed the presence of those brands in the show. I’m a fan of design marketing as well, so when you see the nice homes that some of the scenes take place in, you tend to notice a pattern of how they dress, relative to the things that make the scene.

Even the way the dress the girls for particularly the party scenes show a care in the quality of the clothes as well. I don’t know much about women’s clothing, but I can tell when they’re dressing nice. And that’s what they seem to do with them. There’s one girl on the show (Maddy) that seems to have many different cool styles that gives her the appearance of money.

My personal favorites is how they dress Ashtray in the show. Same as Maddy, the writers seemed to have always have Ashtray in different sneakers.

These are ways that I would dress in real life.

You Can Start At Any Season

Even though each season is different, it can be appreciated at any start to be honest. A fun fact is that this show is actually the second most watched HBO show since Game of Thrones. Now, I’ve heard (and watched a few seasons) enough to where I can assure you, you’re going to have to watch them in order to understand what’s going on.

The finale for season 2 alone gathered 6.6 million views. What that tells me is that it’s continuing momentum from the last season. The writers have been known to make stories that were meant to be watched without continuity.

The Season one finale ended with over 1.2 million fans watching. So if you’re wondering if each season is worth it, just know that over a million was able to stick with the story until the end. And with an audience that propelled the series to becoming the second most tweeted series ever it’s easy to see why. I’m positive that if you at least give one season a try, you’ll enjoy the other as well.

The increase of viewers over the course of 8 episodes (per season) proves that the quality will remain the same with the show. In my opinion, the story flows, but focuses on different things.

Holds Our Attention

The racy topics that are shown in Euphoria makes the show hold the attention of it’s viewers. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “sex sells.” Well that’s what they ran with, and it payed off.

It’s something about controversial topics that seems to draw the audience in. They keep the views high. And the goal is to keep people talking.

The characters in the show are pleasing to look at. They’re going through stuff that makes you want to watch more. The cast (besides Zendaya of course) are new faces in television. And we like them all for different reasons.

We want to see them win in life, and they’re even likable in wanting to see them get checked for behavior we might disagree with.

They Keep It Real

The topics on the show may be a hit or a miss with you, but at the end of the day we have to agree that the show keep’s things real. We see plenty of drug related scenarios in which they really can hit home for the viewers. You might have had a family member who’s struggled with drug abuse (the main thing), and in many cases this show might even be triggering .

You can tell that the writers for Euphoria are in touch with what the youth are doing. Their song selection, drama filled scenarios, and relationship issues. It’s what makes the show so relatable in the streets. I can appreciate when they keep things real because it keeps a connection with people in the most authentic way possible.

Euphoria had a great team when creating these first two seasons and 2 part specials. There’s something refreshing about getting into a show that seems to understand their audience so well. I think this show was designed to capture more of what a specific demographic could have went through when growing up in high school.

I Like Zendaya

Zendaya makes the show. Now understand, when I say that, I mean that she opened the doors for plenty of other actors to be seen. They’re an incredibly talented cast, and many of them are just now getting their start from this show.

Yeah, she’s pretty, and it’s a change of character compared to what we would usually be used to from her. But it’s important for her to get these types of roles because it allows her to grow as an adult, and us as fans to get used to her having different roles.

I would like to see her have more roles like this, because it’s showing the real value in her as an actress. We said it before, but the characters help drive the plot. So as much credit should be given to the entire cast, this is a special one for her.


I hope these reasons are enough to give you the motivation to give this show a shot. The fashion is incredible, the show can be start at either season, it’s easy to keep your attention, they keep things real, and zendaya is charming as usual.

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