Why was Eazy-E not a Tupac or Biggie? (4 Reasons Explained)

Today I’m going to give you my reasons as to why Eazy-E is not as big as a legend as Tupac or Biggie.

Let’s go!

Why was Eazy-E not a Tupac or Biggie

Eazy-E is not as big of a legend as Tupac or Biggie because of the assasination factor, compared to the AIDS conspiracy. The name N.W.A. is harder to market than Tupac or Biggie’s name. That, and the fact that Eazy had most of his lyrics written for him. And lastly, Pac and Biggie had better flows than Eazy-E.

Assasination > AIDS

I mentioned the assasination of biggie and tupac over the AIDS conspiracy for Eazy-E.

The legend factor between the 3 artists have two things in common, their deaths and they’re gangster rappers.

What Biggie and Pac had in common was the assasination.

They both were gunned down in the streets.

Eazy-E officially died of AIDS, and it was considered a conspiracy.

It was unheard of at the time of when it happened.

Think about it, to die from sex was the first of it’s kind, especially with a rapper.

When you compare the 2 types of deaths, assasination trumps AIDS every time.

Both types of deaths are sad, but when you’re catering to a gangster audience, your legendary status gets solidified easier when you die in a violent and gangster way.

The Marketability Factor

Your name and affiliates play a role in your legendary status.

If you want to be known to a larger audience then they have to be able to say your name across the board.

I’m sorry if that seems to be shallow, but it’s just true.

Eazy-E was one of the members of N.W.A. (Niggas With Attitude).

It might be a reach, but it’s hard to market the name across the board if people are gonna have problems even saying your name.

There’s talent, and you have to be able to market yourself to a larger audience to have more eyes on that talent.

You compare Niggas With Attitude with Bad Boy Records (Label granted) and Death Row (Tupac’s label as well), the sky’s the limit.

Keep in mind, all three of them have talent, but Eazy’s name being attached to such a controversial name could possibly be a major factor in limiting his success.

“How’s Your Pen?”

I titled this “how’s your pen” because it’s a fact that Eazy had most of his music wrote for him when he performed.

It’s actually in the movie where they showed how he made his iconic verse… “Cruisin’ down the street in my 64”

Straight Outta Compton

It’s never been in debate about whether Biggie and Pac made their own music.

And maybe they could’ve had some help with some of their songs, but it was less known if that’s true than it was with Eazy.

Same as what was discussed in my previous article on Elvis Presley, Eazy-E was never really known for writing his own lyrics.

It’s been a recent issue with rappers being considered legendary or even taken seriously once it’s discovered that they had help with their lyrics (Drake).

However, when you ask most adults that are real fans of rap, they will collectively agree that it matters if you’re able to construct your own song.

Nicki Minaj is another artist (who rightfully so) takes pride in the fact that she writes all of her own music.

I actually write all of my own music too, and there is a sense of pride in being able to say that you can articulate your own thoughts creatively.

They Had Better Flows

It’s an objective statement, but if you listen to all three rappers, then you can tell they have different styles.

I personally think it was the development in music that made a difference in how they sounded, but it’s clear that if you compare the three then you would put Eazy in last.

I still want to give Eazy his credit in terms of having impactful music, but part of having a flow that sounds more natural is possibly having created the lyrics yourself.

There’s been plenty of artists that have had ghostwriters (as the term’s used), but in this case the relationship with the lyrics might’ve only been minimal because Ice cube and Dr. Dre wrote most of the songs that Eazy recorded.


Hopefully these points were summed up effectively.

Eazy-E is under Tupac and Biggie for the fact that he went out due to AIDS as compared to an assasination. The name he was associated with also limited the reach. The fact that his lyrics were written by his team plays a factor, and his flow was mediocre when compared to Tupac and Biggie.

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