AJ’s Opinion On the Migos (In Detail)

Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Migos

Let’s get into it

AJ’s Opinion On the Migos

I think the Migos makes great music. Their one of the only successful Rap trios of the late 2000s with an distinct variety of flows from each member. However, their mixture of family and business appear unsuccessful for the group.

Great Music

It’s pretty clear to anyone that follows the Migos that they make great music.
The Migos in my opinion are creatively lyrically, and creatively in general.
From their Music videos that have plenty of variety to even some of their visual lyrics, it was clear to me very early on that they were a group with talent.
The first hit that had me notice them was Versace, granted, I was in college and it was the remix with Drake.
The first thing that I noticed was that their chorus was very catchy, even on the first listen.
I think I can equate their ability to make great music to the fact that a lot of their songs can be argued are made for clubs and parties.
That was exactly where I heard most of their music when I was first getting exposed.
However, after getting exposed to their music, I eventually found out that they have plenty of other music for different purposes too.
The gym for example.

Unfortunate Mixture of Family and Business

If you’ve been following the Migos since they dropped Culture 3, then you most likely noticed what they’ve been dealing with.

The fans have been speaking on Twitter a lot about it.

And now we’re sure that Offset has split from the group.

The group’s been clear that all 3 of them are related.

Quavo and Takeoff are uncle and nephew.

And Offset is their cousins.

It’s funny how random this was.

Their last project was their best one to date.

But the latest info after the split was that offset was suing the label for the rights to his solo projects.

Now I’m a rookie when it comes to the law, but this tells me that the split is getting a little messy because it got this far.

Maybe I’m wrong but we’ll see.

Modern Successful Rap Group/Trio

We’ve seen rap groups before but it was something about the Migos that was different.

Maybe it’s because they were one of the only rap trios to come out of Atlanta.

Obviously, there were other groups but in rap, it’s hard to keep a group together.

Rap is a very ego type craft and if someone thinks they’re being left out, they usually go solo (which is Offset’s case [most likely]).

I will say that they had a great run for as long as they did.

It was actually one of the things that at first I thought was gonna be a problem for them (This was back in 2013).

It seemed like that problem was put to rest because as a group they kept putting hit after hit out, and for me at least, it seemed too hard to picture them doing any songs without each other.

Distinct Variety of Flows

The flows that each member of the Migos has was very unique (it still is).

I can remember thinking about how each member was great in their own way.

Quavo was the easiest to understand.

Offset had a good way of keeping the hood alive in his verses.

And Takeoff was really good on the chorus for most of the songs.

If I had to compare each of them together, I would say they were the “musical power rangers (if they only had 3 members).”

We started seeing that each member was being picked for different songs on big projects.

Quavo had a collab project with Travis Scott called Huncho Jack.

The biggest thing that showed they could hold their own as solo acts was each of their solo projects.

Give each of them a listen if you want to hear how different they sound.


Overall, I would say that the Migos were, and still is a great group. They’ll be known as being one of a kind. Their flows made them great. Their breakup may appear unfortunate and even upset some of their fans, but change can be good. But at the end of the day, all of them that made the group made good music.

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