What Can I Do To Help My Mom Get More Exercise? (My 4 Reasons)

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Have you wondered, “What Can I Do To Help My Mom Get More Exercise?”

Let’s answer it

What Can I Do To Help My Mom Get More Exercise?

To help your mom get more exercise, you should help her find something she likes doing. Developing a reward system for getting some workouts in will be helpful too. Also, making most of your talks with her about exercising will help her do it. And also, “put the medicine in the food” by suggesting healthier food.

1. Find Something She Likes Doing

I mentioned it before, but to help your mom get more exercise, you should help her find something she likes doing.
That comes with finding easy workouts to do in the first place.
There’s plenty of easy workouts that you can find on the internet or any fitness trainer.
Most of them can cater a workout plan that’s specific to the user.
There’s also plenty of different apps that are free and they range in difficulty.
You can also make the workouts around the type of improvements that she wants to make to her body.
It can be anything from cardio, arms, legs, abs, or anything.
When you have workouts that’s going to give you certain type of body then you’ll be more eager to do the workout.
Another option is to make the routine easier to follow.
People tend to do things that are easy.
If you make the workout easy to follow then she will feel independent.
Another thing you could do is make the area where you workout fun to be in.
This is something that most people do when they are trying to get people to show up in a spot, and the same can apply to the gym.

2. Reward System

You can get your mom to do more exercises by treating her to her favorite food.
You can do it as a reward for her hard work and commitment to doing more exercises.
You’ve probably heard of it as a cheat meal or something close to that but it’s a great way to get your mom to work out more.
Another great way to reward her is by getting clothes that she would look forward to wear after she reaches her goal in the gym.
Everybody wants to look good in new clothes, and a big majority of people that go to the gym or start working out usually does it in order to reach certain weight goals.
Another reward you can do is by planning a trip.
Maybe you can get her tickets to a concert where she can see the person that gets her through her workouts.
It might be a recording artist, maybe a podcaster that’s doing a live show, or someone she looks up to.
Get creative.

3. Make Most Of Your Talks About Exercising

The next way to get your mom to start exercising more is to bring it up as often as possible.
You’ll want to do this to get your mom happy about her decision to start working out more.
Or maybe you’re trying to “trick” her into working out and you want to frame her to prepare herself to start doing it.
As long as the intentions are good, then it’s okay to do this (moms, you can do this as well for anyone else that you’re trying to help out as well).
Talking about exercising more often can be looked at as a positive form of reinforcement. Again, the intentions have to be good so it’s in your hands.
Another way to frame your mom towards working out more is to tell others about her progress. Everybody likes it when they get praised for their hard work, and the same will apply for your mom.
Think about Bally’s, they like to show the “before” and “after” of people who join their program and lose weight.
They look so happy to be able to share their results with the world.
You’ll just be doing it on a smaller scale (unless you’re bigger than Bally’s of course).

4. Suggesting Healthier Food (To Compliment)

The next thing that you can do in order to get your mom to work out is to suggest healthy food for her to eat.
Eating healthy and working out usually goes hand in hand, and you’ll see that people who watch what they eat also work out (typically).
The cool thing about this is that it works both ways.
If you eat healthy then you’ll most likely find it easier to workout.
Eating healthy usually gives you more energy, preserves it, and allows you to stay motivated to work out.
You can typically pick food that’s easy to tell it’s healthy.
There’s pictures that show the different food groups and what they do for your body.
Expose your mom to some of this information and it’ll make things way easier for her to workout.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these suggestions give you realistic options as to helping your mom get more exercise. Find workouts that she likes doing. Use a reward system to keep her interested. Bring up exercising as much as possible whenever you talk to your mom. And lastly, try to steer your mom towards heathier eating to keep her interested.

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