What Can I Do To Help My Mom Make Friends? (My 4 Remedies)

Have you wondered, “What Can I Do To Help My Mom Make Friends?”

What Can I Do To Help My Mom Make Friends?

You can help your mom make friends by first starting out as her friend. To build on that you can have her a host a dinner party. Join a “Mommy and Me” type group, or even take her to an event.

1. Be Her Friend

A TV show is a good way of being a friend to your mom.
When you watch a show with her you are being a friend to her by following a story with her.
I had a show that I would watch with my mom and it did a great thing for us both.
We both had something to look forward to on every Tuesday.
That’s another thing, I would recommend watching something on a “family friendly” network, maybe ABC or even AMC.
I talked about this before (that TV show are a great way to make friends).
And the same can apply to your mom.
It’s a win-win situation for you both, because you’re both having fun.
You both have the chance to figure out a story together.
Think of the last time you watched a show with someone else, you probably got closer with them as a result.

2. Have Her Host A Dinner Party

Another thing you can do to help your mom get more friends is by helping her host a dinner party.
One of the best ways people get close is through food. There’s a lot of different ways she can go about it if she decides to go through with it.
She could have something for her community, and do it to get closer. Maybe she can bring them over and everybody cooks together.
Then again, maybe she would just prefer the food to already be cooked, and might just want to have some dishes catered.
Either way, it’ll be a great way for her to make more friends.
Free food!
You have to be mindful of the people that’ll be over there, and you want to have a great turnover with your project.
The best advice I could give is to do a little extra research on your own. Maybe you can even find out what type of food your guests may like collectively, and have it available.
Do something to show your guests that you had them in mind when having the food over.
They would be most grateful if you do that!

3. “Mommy and Me” Groups

The next solution to your mom’s friends problem is to join a “mommy and me” group. There’s plenty of them of them out there.
If you have a community board at your local gym, city hall, or something similar then I’m sure you’ll find something that encourages parents and children to do something as small as bingo night, or a class that you might take together.
The instructor will have procedures in place that’ll help you both get out of your shell and make more friends (you may be a social butterfly, but the goal is to help your mom get a friend).
One of the best classes that I’m positive will get her to say “yes” is to maybe take a CPR class.
It’ll be a class that takes a commitment and you’ll both become a better person as a result.
The people in the class will have something in common, and when you go through a process like that together, it gets even easier to make friends.

4. Take/Invite Her To An Event

The next thing that I recommend you do is take her to an event.
There’s a lot of things that you can do (depending on where you live).
It’s probably gonna be easier get mom to commit to doing this as opposed to the previous because it’s less of a commitment.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this gives you plenty of options to help your mom make friends. You can first start out by being her friend. You can also have her host a dinner party since food is a major social activity. There’s also the option to join a “Mommy and Me” social group that allows both of you to make friends together. And even invite her to an event which is more of a “one time” type deal, and something she may be more open to doing.

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