Why Would A Mom Rather Focus On Work Than Summer Break And Plans? (My 4 Reasons)

Have you wondered, “Why Would A Mom Rather Focus On Work Than Summer Break And Plans?”

Why Would A Mom Rather Focus On Work Than Summer Break And Plans?

A mom would rather focus on work than summer break and plans because she has bills to pay. Probably prepare her kids for school. Maybe has a boring lifestyle, or just genuinely enjoy her work.

1. Pay Bills

A mom might continue to work instead of summer break or other plans because they want to eventually find a “fun job.” There’s a lot of jobs that look fun to other people.

For example, people who get paid to play video games all day. To some people it might look more fun that what they’re doing now.

Maybe she can take a more independent route and find a service, or object that she can trade for money.

There’s the option of starting a blog and using affiliate marketing to make money. The service is talking to your audience and helping them solve a problem.

Another way she can find time for other things is to already have the money available.

She can have the money ready by having an investment that brings a return, and save it for the need to pay bills and have the time to do other things.

2. Prepare For School

Moms could be stuck on work because part of preparing for school for their kids is buying expensive school supplies. There are plenty of supplies that kids need when they go to school, and the price seems to go up with each grade they go into.

For example, those calculators alone can be anywhere from 20 dollars to 150 dollars. And you’re still gonna have to get plenty of pencils, pens, notebooks, and folders.

There’s also the focus on getting new clothes.

Yes, back to school shopping also includes new clothes. And depending on what type of clothes you want to get, you could find yourself spending a few hundred dollars alone in shopping for clothes. Next, there’s also clubs that might make you have to reach in your purse as a mother.

Depending on the club and what it takes to join, you could also find yourself spending a lot of money too. Another thing is field trips. You usually find yourself paying the most for field trips when you reach junior high, but they add up as well.

On top of that you also want to give yourself some room for extra spending, maybe lunch or a small souvenir.

3. Boring Lifestyle

Maybe a mom would rather focus on work rather than anything else because her friends (if she has any) are social hermits.

A social hermit are people that commit to being anti social. I hate to say it, but if your friends are boring then chances are you are too. Work could be your “escape” from the real world sometimes. Another thing could be her own social anxiety. She could have trouble talking to other people outside of work, and will continue to do so to avoid doing it.

The lack of imagination could be another reason. She may think that there’s hardly anything to do outside of work (limited thinking).

Part of that problem is just having to be creative in her thinking. Maybe she can host a small event that encourages her friends to have fun with her. For example, a cheap trip or party with games.
Another reason could be that where she’s at is limited in events (And there’s places like that).

Depending on where you’re at, it could be hard to want to do anything outside of work.

4. Genuinely Enjoy Work

Mom may be stuck in the work she does because she genuinely believes in the company she works for. When people really like the work they do, they’ll find themselves being consumed in the job, often.

When she believes in the company and spends most of her time with it, she will also think she’ll progress and possibly move up in the rankings to get a better position.

That’s usually a big reason why anyone stays in a company and invest more time and energy into it.
It’ll show in many different ways that she cares, and a big way is by putting in overtime. Overtime is anything over 40 hours a week. And if mom would rather work than hang out with friends, you can bet that she’ll put in overtime if possible.

You might also see that she’s talking about work whenever she can. She might even wear clothes that represent where she works often. Maybe even find ways to constantly bring up her job whenever you’re talking.

Final Thoughts

This should explain in detail why a mom would rather focus on work, instead of summer break or any other plans she may have. There’s probably bills she has to pay. There’s a strong chance she may have Back to school shopping. And it’s most likely on her mind for her kids. She possibly might even have a boring life, or another strong possibility is that she might just genuinely enjoy the work she does.

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