Why Are Mom Groups On Facebook So Hurtful? (Explained)

Have you asked yourself the question, “Why Are Mom Groups On Facebook So Hurtful”?
If you keep on reading then you’ll find out exactly why they are.
If you search around on the app then you’ll find plenty of them, but today we’ll look at what makes them harmful.

Why Are Mom Groups On Facebook So Hurtful?

Mom groups on Facebook are hurtful because of the comments in the posts. There’s also users who attack different mothers on posts in these groups. Even when you’re trying to help other mothers it can expose you to possible scrutiny. And there’s just a lot of irrelevant points in these groups too.

The Criticism (In The Comments)

Attacks (via posts)

Suggestions Turn Scrutiny

Irrelevant Topics

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these points are strong enough to convince you that Facebook groups for mothers are actually more harmful than they are helpful. Again, they attack you in the comments. They’ll make direct attacks on posts. If you try to make suggestions, there’s a chance you’ll get attacked for that. And a lot of them post things that are irrelevant to what you’re looking for anyways.

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