What happened between Dragonball gt and Dragonball super? (5 Mind-Blowing Facts)

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In this article, we will answer the question, “What happened between Dragonball gt and Dragonball super?”.

These are two totally different shows that have way different stories.

If you follow the facts about each show then you’ll see that a lot can be taken from these two shows alone.

But let’s get to it!

What happened between Dragonball gt and Dragonball super?

The biggest things that happen in these two shows is our main hero gets a new transformation. Also, another transformation gets unlocked for two fighters in the other show. We also meet an angel mentor, as well as a God of Destruction. We learn of a new treasure called black star balls. Also the hero gets turned into a child.

Why is Super Saiyan 4 So Strong? (5 Facts)

A big part of learning why Goku turning super saiyan 4 (or SSJ4) is a big thing to happen is to understand how strong this power up is.

So we’ll ask the question, “Why is Super Saiyan 4 so strong?”

That’s an easy question.

Let’s answer it!

Why is Super Saiyan 4 so strong?

The super saiyan 4 (or SSJ4) has a 400 times multiplier when compared to what Goku is in his base form. Also SSJ4 has a fair amount of time that it can be used. This form also has plenty of blunt force that it can take in terms of damage. Also, SSJ4 is a great form form that can be used for hand to hand combat.

400x Multiplier

So we learn that Goku’s power he ended with in “Z” was actually 400 times lower than what he started with at the beginning of “GT.”
The difference starts at both of their base forms.
To add onto that, SSJ4 is actually 4000 times the base which would put things in perspective with how powerful it is.
You do the math!

Great On Time

The amount of time that you can use this transformation can last longer than other forms that have shorter time limits.
For example, SSJ3 drains a lot of energy and is known to be “taxing” on the body more than any forms available.
Yes, even more than SSJ4.
That would prove to be a great asset if you’re using it in a battle, and need all of the time you can get.


The physical form of SSJ4 is as bulked up as we’ve seen any other versions. It’s supposed to be the human version of the golden ape. Of course with a body that’s as close to an ape as possible, it should be durable.

Hand to Hand

This form also is ideal for hand to hand combat.

One of the strongest moves is the dragon fist.

Final Thoughts

It should be clear by now that SSJ4 is a pretty big feat that Goku achieves.

Goku and Vegeta achieve God status

Beerus and Whis get introduced

The Shadow Dragon Balls are Introduced

Goku Gets Turned Into A Child

Final Thoughts

These points should sum up what makes both of these shows so good in their own way.

And the big events that made them worth talking about.

There’s a new transformation that happens (in both shows).

We meet an angel mentor, and a God of Destruction that makes our heroes stronger.

The black star balls get introduced.

And Goku gets turned into a child again.

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