Why is rap so popular? (5 reasons explained)

Here we’ll be explaining why rap is so popular.

Why is rap so popular?

Rap is so popular because it’s available to everyone. It allows you to get your voice heard. In America it’s actually thought of to be more than a genre of music. It reached popularity in the 1990s, and catered to extroverts who prefer their senses over their intuition. But overall, it exposes the creative side of your brain and influences your emotions.

Get Your Voice Heard

It first started off as a way for the lower class citizens, in whatever area they came from, to speak on the issues they faced.

A big part of the issues that they faced were being treated unfair.

Rap as a whole was used to speak out against these injustices that the community experienced.

There’s harsh critics that think rap music is trash without any messages.

But that’s so far from the truth, it’s crazy.

The beauty in it is that rap touches on many different things.

It can be debated to be one of the genres of music with the most variety.

More than a genre (in America)

Rap music is a force that influenced America since the 1970s, and that’s the main reason it can be looked at as more than just a genre of music.

Rock music was one of the most well represented forms of music in the US that went unchallenged until rap came in the scene.

It’s a force because with challenge comes action, and rap was able to expose the close minded people in a country that’s said to be an independent one.

Simply said, America and the rest of the world could appreciate a powerful speaker, and in rap music, vocals are a big factor of it’s success.

Popularity in the 1990s

As I mentioned in the heading before, rap was introduced as early as the 70’s, but it got a big jump in popularity in the 1990’s.

The early 90’s to be specific.

It exploded as its own category with the Billboard 100s, and stayed there for decades to come.

It evolved because when it was first being made in the 70’s, the audience that mainly listened was black teenagers.

Since then it’s changed, and for the better.

When you get to the early 2000’s it seemed as if it kept reaching new heights.

It expanded itself to becoming the number 1 form of music, worldwide.

For extroverts and senses (over intuition)

There’s arguments that’s made that rap and hip hop is the single most personal form of music available.

Critics say that it comes down to a mic being spoken into by a boy or a girl.

It’s cool because hip hop and rap could r looked at as a separate thing.

Hip hop to me is a more fast paced type of rap that encourages dancing, so hip hop fans can have an easier time enjoying rap.

Especially compared to other types of music.

All of the different genres of music can usually be associated with a certain type of person.

For example, pop music fans seems to be one of the least aggressive people that enjoy music.

Exposes the creative brain/influence emotions

Jazz improv music is the next closest thing to rap in terms of unlocking the creative side of your brain.

There’s science that proves rap music to be one of the most influential forms of sound to be stored in the human brain.

This area of the brain is known to be “superior temporal gyrus.”

The name that rap has been trying to fight lately is that it makes its listeners become more violent.

With that mention of the music being so personal, the critics blame the lyrics mostly, to be the thing that influences.

Final Thoughts

These points should explain pretty well what makes rap so popular.

Let’s revisit the points again.

  • It helped get voices heard.
  • It influenced a whole culture in America
  • The 90’s spawned a big birth of new fans to the genre.
  • It was made to cater for the extroverts and people who like to feel things out, instead of thinking.
  • It also unlocks a creative part of the brain that influences emotions powerfully.

It was fun to write this article because I make music myself.

I believe that to be a teacher, or to inform, you should know about your history (to some extent).

Thank you.

By the way, I have a single called Losing My Mind on sale for only 99 cents.

Give it a listen and leave me any feedback you have to share, all is appreciated!

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