My idea of enjoying life (5 Points) [explained]

I will be answering the question, “What is your idea of enjoying life?”

Everybody wants to know how to enjoy life.

Very few people actually know how to really do it.

I was listening to a podcast that helped me come up with this question, and I thought it would be fun to answer.

I think life is meant to be enjoyed, and it’s our duty as people to share what helps us enjoy life.

I felt great once I asked myself this question, and believe I found the answer to it.

But let’s get into it!

My idea of enjoying life

In order to enjoy life, you have to enjoy the process of creating. That, and doing the things you want with the people you want to do it with. Earning more money also opens more opportunities to really enjoy your life. While doing that, you’ll also be enjoying it more if you can find time to focus more on yourself. You also might want to consider owning a pet if you want a way different suggestion than the other options.

Enjoying The Process Of Creating

Enjoying the process of creating is one of the most important things you’ll learn in life.

We as humans have a natural craving to want to create things.

That’s why we have chefs.

They love to create dishes to be enjoyed.

Artists love to create art, and there’s a reason why they’re some of the happiest people on the earth.

I’ve been getting my daily dose of creating with my articles lately (my most recent being the article on Porsche).

Doing Things You Want With People You Want

Next is doing things with people you like!

Enjoying life also includes liking the activities you do.

And it includes the people you do it with.

Earning More Money

It’ll help to enjoy life more when you’re earning more money.

Money’s only a tool to enhance the quality of your life, but you can definitely enjoy it more with the options that money can bring.

Maybe there’s something you want to do in life, but you have trouble seeing how you’re gonna be able to do it because you’re barely paying your bills.

Maybe you have debt that gets in the way of going on a trip or buying that car you really like.

Focusing More On Yourself

Focusing more on yourself is another way to enjoy life more.

We’re in a world that has a lot of comparisons being made, and with that also comes minding other people’s businesses.

If you’re able to find a way to focus more on yourself and enjoy doing it then you’ll be sure to enjoy life as well.

Focusing on yourself shows in many different ways.

Working on your own business.

Designing your own custom bags for your amusement.

There’s plenty of ways, but making time for yourself is the goal.

There’s areas of your life that I’m sure you may want to improve, at some point.

And if you make even the smallest change, it’ll change your life completely.

For example, one of the most common flaws that people have is the control of anger. And it happens at the weirdest of times and equally weird reasons as well. (Actually, check out my article on waking up angry. It has good stuff on troubleshooting your anger (if you deal with it like me).

Having Pets Help

This is a totally optional thing you can do, but you’ll find that some of the people that seem to enjoy life most are pet owners.

There’s a reason why owning a pet on average helps people live longer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these points should be more than enough to help you enjoy life.

Falling in love with the process of creating, and doing the things you want with the people you like to do it with.

Sometimes it’s just having to make more money to enjoy life a little more, but that might require you to focus more on yourself.

And there’s also the option of owning a pet.

There’s actually a helpful book that I used to help change my life.

It’s called “The Game Of Work” by Charles Coonradt.

Give it a look if you’re interested in learning how to make work as fun as playing a game.

What do you say?

How do you think life is meant to be enjoyed?

Leave a comment below and share your opinion on how you think life is meant to be lived (hopefully enjoyed).

See you on the next post!

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