Why do i get angry when i lose at games? (5 mind blowing answers)

Someone losing their cool on someone or something.

Today I’m gonna be answering “why do I get angry when I lose at games?”

Video games, we all played them growing up.

Some of us still play today.

Video games are a great escape from everyday life.

For a lot of people it’s their favorite form of entertainment.

Why do i get angry when i lose at games

You most likely get angry when losing at video games because you have suppressed emotions. That and low self esteem. They also take competing seriously. If you use your available resources then you’ll have a better outlet to release stress. One of the best outlets can be a new hustle.

Suppressed emotions

In an article written by Kabir at healthygamer.gg they believe as well that suppressed emotions can show after the results of a game.

When you’re playing games, it’s a release.

When you have a meltdown, you had a situation earlier at some point that’s just now resurfacing.

You’re using video games as your escape.

And that could be fine, but learning how to have less attachment to the result is more important.

It’s kind of a hard tactic to apply.

In fact it’s gonna take some practice.

But you’re gonna be way happier in the long run if you use it right.

Low self esteem

A few replies on a question posed on Quora suggest that low self esteem is a cause for getting mad after losing in a game.

For more tips on how to manage your emotions, check out a related post here.

They take competing seriously

Another thread on Reddit was suggesting that gamers take competing seriously to a level where they treat everyone like serious competition.

Lack of using resources

I’m a continuation of this Reddit responses, they also informed us on a behavior that happened which tell me that their responses could’ve been used in a more constructive manner.

Add different hustles

Us.Ditchthelabel.org made a good point when reminding you that it’s only a game. I just wanted to expand on that point and help you put things in perspective.

Final Thoughts

These points should explain why you would get mad when playing video games.

You might have suppressed emotions.

Low self esteem may also be a factor.

Maybe you take competing super competitively.

Find more creative outlets to let out stress

And even consider starting a side hustle to put things in better perspective.

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