Why is pro tools not responding (3 answers)

If you’re a musician or work closely with them then you’re probably familiar with the program pro tools.

Today I’m answering the question “Why is pro tools not responding?”

I’m pretty standard with my music producing.

I typically use GarageBand or Spire, but pro tools is exactly what the name suggests.

It’s an advanced program with professional tools to upgrade your quality of music.

But let’s get into the question at hand.

Here we go!

Why is pro tools not responding

The reason your pro tools program is not responding is most likely because you have to update your firmware and drivers. Also check to see if there’s any background apps that conflict with the program. And check your plug ins for any crashing errors.

Update firmware and drivers

Avid suggests that you update your firmware and drivers if you’re dealing with response issues from your program.

Conflicting apps

Cmuse says that another reason you program is having trouble responding, then it could most likely be a conflict of background apps while you’re trying to use pro tools.

Check your plug ins

After reviewing a few different forums, they also collectively agree that your plug ins may be the issue.

Final Thoughts

These points should address most of the issues you may have with your pro tools app.

There’s a lot of specific folders that could cause everything to crash, but check for firmware and drivers issues.

If everything’s still the same, go ahead and see if you have any background apps that may cause the program to crash.

And finally, if the problems continue, check your plug ins.

It’s pretty easy to figure out what’s causing the problem after troubleshooting with these solutions, but anything past that might require you to get another copy of the program, or even a new device to launch it.

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