Why was pro tools first discontinued? (Answered)

Today we’ll be answering the question “Why was pro tools first discontinued.”

If you’re a fan of the Pro Tools brand, then you’re probably would appreciate this post.

We have a lot of different changes that happen.

We’ve seen the death of brands and see them rise back to the top.

Why was pro tools first discontinued?

Pro tools was discontinued because it had too many crashes. However, it’s existing users still get access to the program. They also have their latest versions available, with an ultimate version of the program as well.

Too many crashes

Existing Users Still Get Access

Pro Tools or Pro Tools Ultimate

Final Thoughts

This is why pro tools was discontinued.

They had too many crashes to continue productions.

What that means is their existing customers get to still use the program.

With that said their quality product is still available for download for new users as well with Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate.

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