Anime Watchers Assemble (4 Animes I Enjoyed Most)

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I’m starting this post as an open invite to anyone that watches anime to share their thoughts and opinion on the topic.

I’ve watched anime since I was in elementary school and was heavy into it going into high school.

But since graduating college, I still find myself coming back.

There’s a lot of new anime that gets released and from exploring the selections, you find older ones that you finally give a shot and decide you like it (hopefully.)

I’ve been a fan of anime inspired games too.

Tekken, Smash Bros, Kirby, and more.

This most likely is gonna inspire the next few YouTube videos.

You’re probably asking where my opinion of Naruto is?

I’m a fan of the original, but stopped watching in the middle of the next series, shippuuden.

Fighter games are a personal favorite but a lot of the fighter games are like are from anime I watched.

Anime Watchers Assemble

I watch Yu Yu Hakusho, DragonBall Z and future series. Those, Death note, and Hunter X Hunter.

Why is Yu Yu Hakusho good? (My 4 responses)

I’ll be answering the question, “why is Yu Yu Hakusho good?”

Why is Yu Yu Hakusho good?

Yu Yu Hakusho has a great arc in the dark tournament saga. It’s constant action makes it entertaining, the entire time. It comes second to only Hunter x Hunter on my list.

It has a great arc.

The dark tournament arc is by far my favorite arc in the entire show.

I’ll try my best to keep this spoiler free.

I promise watching the real thing is better than me describing it at the moment.


The dark tournament is a tournament that we see yusuke and his team compete in.

It’s already known that the show’s always has fists flying, but this tournament just brings the level up.

Credits to Yusuke Urameshi

This fight alone shows the quality of the fights that you get when watching this show.

There’s dozens of more like this and better ones in this arc.

If you make it that far in the show, you’ll more than likely finish the entire series.

Communities agree it has less filler episodes (2 different forums!)

Reddit and Quora have similar things to say about the show.

It has less filler episodes which leave room for more action.

You might’ve seen it in other shows.

It’s where the episode is just about a random ass story that the show could’ve done without.

There’s some good filler content in anime but for the most part I can do without them, but In this anime, it’s like reading a book.

They’re always moving forward, and keep a place that makes you want to watch the rest.

It should only have 4 season, but they can range at 20 episodes a piece.

The most entertaining complete series in recent times.

This show was out while DragonBall was still going strong, and still had great reviews all the time.

Each season has a new main villain.

The changes in strength with each season seemed to be at a good pace and good jump overall.

Comes second to only a popular Hunter x Hunter

DragonBall Z and Beyond

DragonBall Z is probably the most popular anime of all time and most recognizable if you’re a noob to anime.

But DragonBall Z is an anime that’s packed with a lot of action!

It has alien warriors that protect the earth from universal and galaxy level threats.

Death Note

Death Note is another popular anime.

It’s about a high school student named Light Yagami that comes across the deadliest notebook in all of mankind.

It’s a cat and mouse type of series that has clever twists and turns that keeps thrill seekers engaged.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is probably my favorite anime.

Okay, maybe it’s at least a close second to Naruto.

But Hunter x Hunter is about more than one character, which makes it interesting to me.

You start off with the main character Gon, but you really become interested in a lot of the other people Gon meets.

Final Thoughts

These are my favorite animes.

If you forgot, shame on you.

Just kidding, but pay attention!

  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • DragonBall series
  • Death Note
  • Hunter x Hunter

They’re all entertaining in their own way, and hit big pinnacles in their lifespan (some are still going strong).

What’s your favorite anime?

Leave a comment below

And I’ll talk about the best suggestions.

Okay, that might be a weak reason to do it.

But at least do it to leave a stamp and represent your favorite anime.

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