Why “fast learners” aren’t necessarily smarter (4 answers)

Today I’ll be answering the question, “why fast learners aren’t necessarily smarter?”

Why “fast learners” aren’t necessarily smarter?

“Slow learners” tend to own the businesses that the faster learners work at. The important thing is quality learning over “fast learning.” There’s people that even question if there’s a such thing as a “fast learner.” I think there are, and they’re just more machine like when compared to their counterparts.

“Slow learners” tends to own businesses

There were some interesting stories on a few of the forums that asked the same question.

The best one to me was one where someone was sharing a story any him and his friend who they went to school together.

One student got straight A’s and the other one C’s.

The A student ended up getting a job and interviewed at a better position who found out that it was his “C” student friend that owned the company.

It just put things in perspective and gives honest proof that the slower learners could own the business that employs the fast learners.

Quality learning beats fast learning

That’s one of the first things you’ll learn in life.

You’ve probably heard it in different ways but they all mean the same thing.

“Quality over quantity.”

(In this case it’s closer too quality over speed.)

If you’re focused on learning what you want to learn that’s going to be most relevant to you then you’ll save yourself more time than a person trying to do something faster.

Returning back to that “a” student “c” student story.

That “c” student only decided to engage on the activities that directly taught him how to be a better hair care business supplier.

It proves that intentional thinking works better than mindless accelerated action.

Do they even exist?

Returning back to the forums again, they did pose an argument about “fast learners.”

They go on to say that fast learners don’t even exist because they’re really only people that have more experience.

Either that or put in more practice.

I like the way fast learners are broken down to a science with what makes them fast.

But to discredit speed is a little disingenuous to the actual skill of doing something fast.

It actually sets me up for my point in rebuttal to the opposition.

“Fast learners” are more machine like

This is my best thing that I could describe the fast learners as, machine like.

When I call them that I mean it in a way where they shut off one side of their brain.

This side they shut off is a creative side.

That’s what these “ c students” use more, that creativity.

At the same time, the “a student” is more of a machine that learns how to do a selection of times at a record rate, and that record is their grade.

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