Why is the wnba ball striped? (4 Answers)

Today I’ll be answering the question, “Why is the wnba ball striped?”

I’ve been following the 2022 WNBA playoffs and figured I might as well talk about it a little bit.

It’s one of two designs for basketball on a professional level.

The striped design for the ball is already iconic.

There were a few reasons that I found out about why the wnba ball is striped.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the answers.

Grab your water bottles and let’s go!

Why is the wnba ball striped?

The WNBA ball was a marketing move. The owners of the league wanted a different ball. Although there’s critics that think the ball looks like a joke, I think it’s unique with a fun look.

The Striped Orange and Oatmeal Pattern Was a Marketing move

The Owners Of The League Wanted a Different Ball

Some Critics think the WNBA ball looks like a joke

The ball makes it look more “fun.”

Final Thoughts

These are my 4 reasons for why the ball is designed the way it is.

Let’s revisit them again.

1. Marketing Move

2. Separate Identity From The NBA

3. Harsh Critics

4. A fun design to Keep them interesting

The WNBA is a great league that can teach fundamentals at a high level.

Most of what they show could be applied to anyone learning the sport.

This sport has historical records happen every other game.

Maybe that’s a little much, but it seems like every week.

The league caught the attention of the world when one of their star players was detained on a trip back home from Russia.

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