Should they lower the rims in the WNBA? (5 Arguments)

Today I’ll be answering the question, “Should they lower the rims in the WNBA?”

It’s a successful league, but ambassadors of the sport made it clear that they look for all opportunities to grow their presence.

They seem more likely to take a picture with their fans after games.

They make deals that are putting their players faces on products that make people think of the WNBA as a result.

Jerseys themselves even became a statement, especially after the global injustice with one of the WNBA’s stars, Britney Griner

There’s a lot of things that kept people interested in the league, but we’re focusing on the rim.

I understand that there might be an issue that lowering the rims could be looked at as lowering the expectations of women.

But that’s far from the truth!

The league would still have the same competitive expectation that it has today.

I will try my hardest to be respectful of anyone that feels passionate about the topic.

I’m a new person to the sport so I had to do a lot of research to make sure this was factual information.

But let’s get to the question!

Should they lower the rims in the WNBA?

Lowering the rims in the WNBA could make the game more exciting. Yeah, there’s critics that think lowering the rims is a dumb move, but I say the WNBA should embrace more of their efforts of being different. The average height for a WNBA player is significantly shorter than average NBA players. Also, the height standard can be redefined for early stages of development.

Lowering the rims could make the game more exciting

Search forums on the internet quoted other sports commentators that suggest that the game of WNBA would be “more exciting.”

There’s sites out there that think differently and think it’s a downright bad idea to lower the rims.

But stop and think about the benefits you get from a lowered rim.

  • More opportunities to increase the stats of every player.
  • Higher chances of seeing dunks.
  • Providing options for shorter players.

These are all things that make basketball more interesting anyways.We

What’s wrong with making adjustments to a sport to make it as equally fun (on paper) as the other sport.

A decision like this could deciding to align closer with the official bmi index chart.

It’s okay to acknowledge the differences and take pride and ownership in who we are gender wide.

Without opening too many cans of worms with that view, let’s move on.

Despite Critics that say lowering rims are “Dumb”

Quora also had direct users that thought the game would look dumb if they did it.

It’s reasonable to have a thought of it looking weird at first, but it’s making changes that could impact an entire industry.

The only thing that I could see people saying is that it might stay away from an equal image in women’s sports.

But it’s flat out untrue.

If anything, the looks would be just the same as before (if changes are made).

You might wanna check and see if your problem is with the sport as a whole rather than what lowering rims would look like if the league made changes that improve the lives of women.

At the end of the day, if it improves the profit and opportunity to expand the sport, what would be the harm in trying?

WNBA should embrace more of their efforts of being different

The WNBA has already made moves that suggest they’re open to change with changing the color of their ball.

To me, it would make sense to consider this as an option.

Especially if their goal is really to be different from their NBA counterpart.

Yes, it would be a major change to what we’ve known the sport to be.

BUT, it would be making one that could make the sport more popular, efficient, and broader to different athletes.

Give it a try if you’re serious about being different.

A trial run could be done to see what the difference in stats would be, and feedback from the players.

Having professionals try it before you use it globally and giving feedback will give you the strongest indicator on if it’ll work on other levels.

WNBA’s average height is different from NBA players

TFIGlobal(dot)com says that the average height of a WNBA player is 5’9.

That and the average for an NBA players is 6’0.

That’s a 3 ft difference!

Let’s say we lowered the rim 3 ft.

It’ll match the stats for where women should be physically speaking.

The height can be emphasized in early stages of development

This type of change could be employed the same way the WNBA did when they changed the size of the balls.

Final Thoughts

These are all of my reasons as to why the rims should be considered to get lowered.

Although critics say that lowering the rim would be “dumb,” I still think it could make the game more exciting.

The WNBA’s been trying to establish a separate identity, so they should embrace it (change).

The average height of a WNBA player is shorter than NBA players, and if the rim was lowered then it could be done at the younger levels.

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