Why do colleges care about sports? (4 Reasons)

Today I’ll be answering the question “why do colleges care about sports?”

I played sports at my college.

I was recruited specifically for a sport.

During my time at the school, they received generous donations to use towards their athletic programs.

It shows that alumni care about their sports

But thinking about why colleges care about sports, we have to look at it through a different lens

Prospects going to a specific college allow (said college, to market) an attraction to encourage more students to enroll.

There’s a lot of ways too soon it, but we’ll go further in depth.

Why do colleges care about sports?

Colleges care about sports because they bring more money to the school. Extra curriculars can align with the school’s values. It’s also another avenue to teach students. Even Ivy leagues set the tone with their students by preferring students who participate in sports.

The sports bring more money

Extra curriculars align with schools values

Ivy Leagues prefer students involved in sports

Another Avenue to Teach

According to Stanford, they respond with their belief in that sports allow them to teach their students outside of the classroom.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons that colleges care about sports so much.

1. The sports bring more money to the school.

2. prestigious Ivy League schools prefer student athletes

3. Extra curricular activities can align with the school

4. It’s another way to teach

It’s clear that sports have numerous benefits for students.

It’s just a plus that it’s beneficial for the schools as well.

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