Why do people care about social media followers? (4 reasons Explained)

Today I’ll be answering the question, “Why do people care about social media followers?”

Whether you’re on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or even TikTok you probably asked someone at some time to give you a follow.

You get the opportunity to grow your following and do things with your new followers.

You can get them to speak on a topic you care about, buy a service that you have to offer, or organize an event.

Why do people care about social media followers?

They forget there’s a real world outside of social media. They’re probably lacking in friends, and it leads to insecurity as a result. Sometimes they’ll get so desperate to the point where they just buy followers.

There’s a real world outside

There’s a real world out there that’s bigger than social media.

Yes, the world is supposed to be connected through the internet and social media is meant to be a fun channel to let everybody express themselves how they see fit.

Where people go wrong is a simple case of “keeping up with the joneses” and that’s where they allow themselves to be boxed in by thinking the world is ONLY the internet.

Now if you’re like what I was at first then you’ll probably have a more pessimistic view of things and think it’s too hard to be bigger than the internet.

But that’s where you (and I at the time) went wrong.

We the people make the internet.

If we like we’re losing our privacy, then have limits on what you post or look for.

All I’m saying is that real life human interaction could trump the internet if we use it with intention, rather than making it dictate our lives and think it’s our only friend.

They could use more real friends

“Friends, how many of us have them?”

Okay, that was my fun, but in regards to social media, most people that are overly addicted to social media usually have trouble with making friends without it.


Being insecure is a problem that most people deal with.

With each like comes a form of validation that gives the user a false sense of confidence.

It’s sad because a lot of people get insecure through social media are giving up their power to everybody else by letting them determine the value of whatever it is that they’re posting.

Their insecurity shows in more ways than one, but the fact that they’ll alter their experience in life just to make their life online seem cooler, perhaps.

But they’ll be much more happier once they realize that the universe spins for everybody, and less care about them online than what they stress out about thinking.

Buying Followers

The urge to impress people online gets serious for a lot of people.

One of the most common ways that these people satisfy their desire to appear popular is to actually buy followers.

They’ll get them through someone that’s selling an account, or buy a bot that generates numerous fake followers to make them look more valuable than what they are.

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