What is your low-key offensive and unpopular opinion about K-pop? (Real Talk OPINION with 4 supporting points)

Today I’ll be giving you my low-key offensive and unpopular opinion about K-pop.

I’m pretty new to the genre but have been a huge fan of Asian culture, so this will be a fun position to argue.

But let’s get straight to my opinion.

Here we go!

What is your low-key offensive and unpopular opinion about K-pop?

Comparing Oli London to JYP is disrespectful to JYP. Oli is a regular (relatively speaking) “Joe Shmoe” who chose to fall in love with Jimin. All of Oli’s actions at this point was being done for clout. JYP however is the founder of JYP Entertainment. They’re just too different to be compared.

1. What is the connection between Oli London and Jimin?

Oli is literally just a wannabe that fell in love with Jimin.

That’s the meat and potatoes of this point.

But there’s still dessert.

Oli London is a British singer and social media personality that was interested in Korean culture.

Obnoxiously interested in Korean culture.

Yeah, so much so that he even got 18 surgeries just to look the same as Jimin.

It escalated even further when Oli came out and identified as non binary.

That and transracially Korean (I totally made up that word “transracially”).

2. Total Clout Move

Oli’s actions are completely ridiculous when you look at the things done just to impress Jimin.

There was a crazy story that came out about Oli.

This is gonna be a big curveball for you if you never heard about Oli.

Okay, Oli even got penis reduction surgery (allegedly) just to be even closer to the Korean race.

3. JYP, Founder of JYP Entertainment

4. Their contrasts

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