What’s Spotify’s corporate culture like? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering the question,”What’s Spotify’s corporate culture like?”

If you listen to music, you’re probably familiar with the company.

Spotify’s been around since 2006, and came from Sweden.

We hear about it’s consumer side, but let’s look at the corporate.

Let’s get straight to it.

What’s Spotify’s corporate culture like?

Employee friendly. The creatives get plenty of freedom. It’s never monotonous. Fika, from Swedish culture is used to make it fun all around. And for parents, you get paternity leave.

Creatives Have Freedom

The employees have freedom to create.

They get opportunities to make products that relate.

It’s possible because the environment’s based off high trust.

If you’re a creative and you care about your craft, then Spotify would be a great fit.

Creatives desire the ability to keep producing things on their terms.

If you’re a creative then you’re gonna want to be on a team that’s open to explore a lot of new ideas.

The only thing is that you’re gonna want enthusiasm to keep producing, even after you come up with you’re amazing idea.

They kill monotony

Next is monotony​.

Yeah, monotony, the pace that kills desire.

Spotify’s a company that takes pride in the fact they keep their team “on their toes.”

It’s hard to keep interest if you feel stuck in what you do.

An employee friendly company will do things to have you appreciate each new day.

Miriam Webster defines being on your toes as staying alert.

You’re approaching the day with a mindset to fix any problem.

The term comes from shifting your weight to the bottom of your feet, to be ready for action whenever it’s needed.


It’s easy to see that Spotify came from Sweden.

They incorporate Fika into the way they keep thinking.

Fika’s what you have when you got options.

The place where you sit, the place where you eat, the place where you think; Fika’s that thing.

The focus is on Spotify, but there’s other companies that have philosophies similar to this.

Venmo is the best example I can think of at the time.

They let their employees walk around freely and do their work without a micro managed leash.

That’s a cool concept to add your culture into a company that ends up successful.

It puts your country on the map and shows your people knows how to live life (or do work in this case).

Paternity Leave

Part of caring for your team is meeting needs that they need.

And family comes first for most, so the best teams will help you be there for yours.

Spotify has a policy that’s rare for most companies.

You get 6 months paternity when having a baby.

Most companies only give a few weeks, maybe a month if you’re lucky.

But 6 months is insane!

Keep that in mind when thinking what makes a company employee friendly.

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