Does the youth in the US get laid as often as TV shows indicate? (Answered with 4 points)

Today I’ll be answering the question, “Does the youth in the US get laid as often as TV shows indicate?

There’s plenty of shows that have sex in it.

Particularly with the youth.

Blue mountain state, euphoria, or even insecure.

Those are just a few shows that’s known for their sex.

(Again, particularly with the youth.)

Does the youth in the US get laid as often as TV shows indicate?

Yes, but less than you think. The scenarios are often idealized. Also, the real factor for the TV shows are lacking. Plus, the 60s and 70s were known to be way busier. And lastly, Woodstock played a role in showing a more accurate description.

The scenarios are often idealized

In television, the scenarios are often idealized.

They’re exaggerated in order to fit a typically hour long segment.

Everything goes right in the picture, and everybody involved has the time of their life.

When sex happens, it’s usually out of love.

But you have to realize, the type of sex that’s shown on TV is made to keep viewers wanting to watch the program.

If they think the show needs more sex then they’ll add way more than what usually happens.

If the show decides to make a certain demographic appear to be sexually desirable, then they’ll set them up in the show to where they get more sex than they can handle.

TV misses the “real” factor

The one thing that’s usually neglected to be mentioned Is the real factor of sex.

The real factor is the stress that can go into preparing for the moment.

Sex for a lot of people can be and usually is pretty awkward.

There’s minor things that are actually common that are hardly ever even shown or mentioned in sex scenes.

A girl gets her period, and out of responsibility she passes on the opportunity.

A man that’s sexually responsible usually uses condoms, but that’s hardly ever shown on TV, that’s just the point I’m making.

Everyday situations are what keeps the picture vivid.

But once they add that, it’ll be way more realistic.

The 60’s and 70’s got way more busy

The 60’s and 70’s era was having a lot of sex.

It’s ironic because programming was pretty strict.

Go ahead and talk to anyone that’s from that point in time.

They’ll tell you about all of their misadventures.

And without surprise a lot of it is usually involves sex.

I remember stories from my uncle.

That guy’s actually my great uncle, and he grew up in the projects around that time.

I’ll keep his identity private, but for the sake of this point, the message is relevant.

The women in that time sounded pretty promiscuous.

(Before you accuse me of slut shaming, just remember, I actually appreciate them).

I think it has something to do with the surge of freedom that they got as a result, so they’re probably more open with sharing their blessings.

Remember Woodstock?

Have you heard of Woodstock?

It was one of the biggest festivals of its time.

Lines of people stretching out for miles!

There was a lot of drugs.

And with drugs comes with… (you guessed it, a lot of sex).

Some say that it was the birth of a sexual revolution.

There’s a lot of freedom and expression that goes into these “hippy concerts.”

There’s documentaries that capture the full effect of the festival.

Funny enough it still gets talked about even in 2022.

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