What interesting did you find today? (Answered)

Hey everybody!

I’ll be sharing with you all about what’s the interesting thing that I found today.

What interesting did you find today?

There’s some interesting people you can find on Quora. There was a user that shared a Korean video that had comments flooded with Indian users on YouTube. They flooded the comments on the YouTube video with “cat calls” professing their admiration for the girl in the video and it amazed me at the ability someone could attract a whole group of people based solely off their looks.

Interesting people on Quora

Quora is a user based platform that has members who share their opinions on various topics.

There’s a community for anything that you could think of really.

It’s very similar to the site Reddit.

There’s evidence that shows Quora does really well on search engines.

It’s debatable that Quora does so well on search engines because they answer questions so frequently.

When you go on Google, or Yahoo or whatever search engine you use, you’re usually looking for the answer to a question you may have.

Quora is a site that makes finding answers to your niche specific question easy.

If you get to where you’re authentically invested in what you’re searching for then you’ll probably find yourself being a frequent user of the site.

I’m a regular user of the site and I enjoy it.

There’s a lot of different things that I like so I’ll scroll on there for a few minutes at a time.

As you could tell, I found something today that inspired me to write this post as soon as possible.

It was humorous and inspired real thought behind what I just found.

But let’s get to what I found when I was browsing.

The Korean Video

Okay so the video that the user in Quora shared was of a Korean athlete participating in an archery event it appears.

They were watching the video at a relatively late time (11:45 PM).

And the video had a pretty good amount of engagement.

It had 1.6 k comments.

You would think that with such a niche specific video (Korean archery) that it would have a lot of comments about or relating to archery.

But boy was I wrong.

The user pointed out the fact that a good amount of the comments were about the girl archer’s looks.

On top of that, the user pointed out the fact that a lot of the comments relating to the look of the Korean archer were coming from Indian users.

“How did I know they were Indian users?”, you may ask.

And to be honest, it’s pretty easy to tell the origin of a name with some people simply based on how it’s spelled.

That and the picture profile counts.

But with the assumption that I’m correct, it put things in perspective for me.

Let’s get into it.

There’s levels to Romance

What I found interesting about the video was the depth of the serendipitous comments.

Seriously, these were some really clever ways to express your admiration for someone coming from the Indian users.

It’s hard to make majority grouping accusations about a whole group of people.

But I can make some assumptions about your culture based on what a demographic of people do in repetition.

And from these comments, I can tell you that Indian lovers seem very romantic.

Just look at the comments again and truly soak up what’s being said.

If you have a girl who appreciates comments that uplift her, then she would appreciate nothing less than these types of comments to assure her that she’s pretty.

“That hair flip almost killed the boys of India.”, and “she didn’t hit the mark because she hit my heart.”

They’re both very charming statements that would make any girl’s day (especially if you’re an actual Indian native using that as a pickup line).

Your popularity can attract a whole group

After analyzing and making my assumption about Indian people being great serenades it made me dig even deeper into a realization.

It made me realize that being yourself and displaying yourself on social media is enough to win the hearts of people across the world.

It amazed be because she probably never in her life would be going out of her way to her supporters for something as simple as her hair.

It might be a small thing to be interested in but it’s still something that I think could use some attention.

When you think about it there’s probably hundreds of millions of people that go viral daily for something other than what they intended on sharing with the world.

It’s big things to think about if you’re the type who cares about getting appreciated for different things across the globe.

So what did we learn from my story?

First, it’s that Quora has interesting stories that anyone can find value from.

It led to me finding an interesting story within someone else’s experience involving a Korean athlete.

It further led to discovering that Indian people can be very romantic with women they’re interested in.

Overall, it was interesting to me that an entire group of people can idolize a person simply for their beauty.

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