Why did Nicki Minaj make a song like “Anaconda”? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering Why did Nicki Minaj make a song like “Anaconda”?”

Here’s my answer.

Why did Nicki Minaj make a song like “Anaconda”?

She acknowledges that there’s a shift in pop culture. There was a movement of recording artist, specifically men in hip hop that were bringing a light to the less curvy body on a woman. Nicki however specifically wanted to communicate to women that they’re beautiful. And she mentions that she just likes the sound of the record.

Shift in Pop Culture

I’m sure you have heard about Nicki Minaj going to Twitter to express her disagreements with the Grammy nomination process.

I get most of my content consumption from the breakfast club on the IHeart Radio app.

(check it out if you like the Breakfast Club, but prefer to listen to your entertainment instead of watching it.)

but from a report given by the Breakfast Club on October fourteenth, Nicki had a problem with her song “Super Freaky Girl” being put in the pop category rather than rap.

Bring Light To The Less Curvy Body

Women’s Beauty

She loved It

Final Thoughts

Super Freaky Girl is a great song without a doubt, but if you ask me as a person that makes music themself then I think it’s funny.

Music should be made for the fans and the audience that enjoys it will ultimately determine where it falls.

If the music is tipped to be made more for the enjoyment of fans rather yourself (especially when your issue is what category they put your music) you can’t go wrong.

If your biggest problem is where your song might win a Grammy then “your problems are pebbles compared to a stone.”

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