How did Loy Machedo made his brand name? (3 Ways That Work)

I’ll be answering “how did Lou Machedo make his brand name?”.

Yes, this is a post put in the social media category and can be found in making money online.

Some of the best lessons are learned from short stories, so get ready.

How did Loy Machedo made his brand name?

You have to treat the building of your brand like a training camp. You’ll be going through lifestyle change while you’re increasing your income. A master of the craft would be a great method to reach your goals faster. Also, remember that results come with time.

Approach It (Lifestyle Change) Like A Training Camp

Loy Machedo has a story shared on his Quora account that openly expresses how proud he is of his physical transformation.

That’s how you’re supposed to approach your training of being a better and more profitable marketer.

There’s a different feeling you get when changing your income from $0-$5k a month (or even more).

It can easily be compared to a weight loss journey.

You’re performing a repetitive task to improve your lifestyle.

A new body is a very visible change that motivates a lot people to want to at least try to obtain.

Diverse income will become a very visible change that can motivate anyone with an ounce of ambition in their life.

More money will allow you to eat better, sleep better, and to some extent make smarter decisions.

Master Coaches Are Invaluable

Invaluable is defined as being “extremely useful; indispensable” according to Oxford Languages.

After checking out Loy’s story, it hit me about valuing the impact of a good coach.

Loy listed off a detailed list about what it took to go from a 54kg frame to a 125kg of muscle size.

With me being a big wrestling fan, it made me think immediately of our recent 125kg 2022 senior freestyle world team member; Hayden Zillmer.

He actually had a story very similar to Loy’s, but the focus was on the coaching aspect.

If you got an extra 50 minutes, give the interview a listen.

It takes a unique coach to be able to have a tangible plan that will predictably improve your success.

What Loy Machedo did by organizing the qualities he had train in was everything parallel with having a valuable mentor.

He actually gives a lot of credit to this book for playing a role in his success.

Sales Bible

The sales bible will help you become a better salesman if you’re someone in the industry.

Jeffrey Gitomer is one of Loy Machedo’s mentors thanks to this book.

Sales is a tough position to be in regardless of what you’re selling.

What this book teaches you is everything from asking the right questions that close the sale, different ways to secure an appointment with a potential client and much more.

Consider spending the money and putting the time in to learn from a mentor that has the results you want from a financial standpoint, and enjoyment standpoint (ideal, if possible) as well.

Results Come With Time

Loy accredited the 15 years of work he put in as part of why, why he had such a drastic transformation.

When you look at 15 years, you have to ask yourself the same question “would you be willing to spend 15 years perfecting your craft to see big changes in your life?”.

There’s a lot of people that claim they want to make money online and get mad if it takes longer than a month.

That’s ridiculous because anything worth learning that you’re a student too has a lifetime of information that you have to constantly get yourself in tune with to only begin to start understanding what you’re learning.

Yes, there’s a lot of different ways that you can make money online.

But the hardest part for most people is starting something and putting in the necessary time and money towards education.

Take some pieces from this story and apply it to yourself with social media, or however you want to make money online.

Do you know everything about building up an audience?

Can you show someone how to do the things you’re good at already?

How often are you getting second opinions?

That’s why looking at a story of someone persevering through dedicated time gives you a reasonable expectation for results.

Final Moments

Okay, so what did we learn?

Approach your attempt at making money online the same way he approached getting his life to change for the better.

A coach or a mentor can train you in a specific focus that will get you the benefits that make the reward worth it.

You have to also understand that your results will come from your consistency in action.

It takes time and you should look forward to the process.

I’m grateful to come across this question about Loy.

But feel free to check out Loy Machedo’s website here.

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