Why is bleach the most dropped anime? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering the question “why is bleach the most dropped anime?”

When an anime is dropped, it’s lost it’s attraction to it’s audience.

What we’re gonna do is dive in and answer this question that’s been going around on the internet.

Let’s go!

Why is bleach the most dropped anime?

The Arrancar arc was disappointing to many of the anime’s fans. And on top of that, the show had way too many fillers.

Arrancar arc

The Arrancar arc in the Bleach anime had a “hot or cold” effect on the fans.

Fans agree that this particular saga had a tremendous buildup, but also had a disappointing ending.

The problem with this arc was that it was too similar to the Soul Society arc.

The Soul Society arc has great reviews, and appears to be the peak of the anime.

But where this arc lacked in was the intensity of the fights, motivation, and direction apparently.

It also hurts that the fans think there was a poor taste in villains for this arc.

Way too many fillers

There’s also been the issue of Bleach having too many fillers episodes.

The problem with having too many fillers is that it extends stories in awkward ways.

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