Why are my view counts dropping on Instagram? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering the question of “why your view counts are dropping on Instagram?”.

You can expect to get a clear and direct answer on this topic.

Let’s get straight into it!

Why are my view counts dropping on Instagram?

There’s a chance that you’re in a competitive market. Ask yourself “how often do you post?” Look at the quality of your followers, there’s a chance you might have a bunch of bots that suddenly go inactive. And finally, use quality hashtags with your posts.

Steep Competition

How Often Do You Post?

Look At Your Followers

Quality Hashtags

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2 responses to “Why are my view counts dropping on Instagram? (Explained)”

  1. Instagram is so difficult for me to figure out!

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    1. therealtalkfromaj Avatar

      I’m sure if you do what you’re doing here (on WordPress) on Instagram, then figuring it out will come easier. Good luck!

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