What’s the best rap song to deal with a toxic relationship? (Answered w/ 4 supporting points)

Today I’ll be answering the question “What’s the best rap song to deal with a toxic relationship?”.

We use music to cope in different ways.

We use it to reveal things to us that we may be ignorant of at times.

A big part of music is relationship building.

Obviously today we’ll be focusing on the toxic parts of relationships, and why the song that I’ll be suggesting would be a good one to listen to.

But let’s get into my pick for the best rap song to deal with a toxic relationship.

What’s the best rap song to deal with a toxic relationship?

Love You Better by Future. it acknowledges the fact that there was love at some point in the relationship. If you keep an open mind then it’ll serve you an empathetic view from the other side of the relationship. Because denial is a common theme in most toxic relationships, it’s one of the best because it helps bridge the denial with closure (especially if you’re trying to move on). And finally, it reaffirms your power to love someone in a big way.

Acknowledges Love Was There

One thing that makes this song a good representation of what to do when being in a toxic relationship is having the acknowledgement of love.

With the title of the project being I Never Liked You hosting this song, it’s being different because you could imagine that the whole album is about negative feelings you have towards someone, but as I said before, this song’s different (and there’s others that go against the grain of the project’s title).

Empathetic View

The learning lesson that you can get from this record is through having an empathetic attitude towards the person you’re having the toxic relationship experience with.

Bridges Denial with Closure

“Love you better” as I interpret it is a bridge for denial that someone is unhappy in the relationship, and realizing things could be changing (possibly ending the relationship or changing it to a healthier one).

Reaffirms Power in Your love

One thing that I really like about the record is it’s message of reaffirming the power of your own love to someone.

It says it in the title if you dig into it.

Future says “hope you can find someone that loves you better than I did.”

It’s a beautiful separation if things go how he pictures it going, but who knows, maybe the message inspires the person he’s talking about to want to make things work.

Sometimes the threat of losing something is all you need to make the bond even stronger.

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