Is there any doll that can defeat Chucky? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering the question “Is there any doll that can defeat Chucky?

Chucky, the menace that’s been haunting us since 1988.

He caught the attention of fans that were curious to know a lot of different things about him.

For example, “what he is exactly, and why does he kill?”.

But after you get past the “why” as to the motivation of his killing, we’re gonna touch on who can take care of him if we needed to beat him.

There’s actually quite a few other dolls that could potentially do it, but we’ll be looking at the various ways we could beat him.

That, and the doll that would be most capable of doing it.

Let’s get right into it.

Is there any doll that can defeat Chucky?

Yes. It takes cunning instincts. I suggest you to use fire if you’re gonna try to take him out. If you’re talking about the robotic version from the 2019 version then it would be way easier. But the only entity that could really give him a challenge would probably be Annabelle.

Be cunning

It should be an obvious suggestion, but you’re gonna want to have a cunning element for the showdown with Chucky.

If you’re trying to beat Chucky then you’re gonna want the element of surprise with him.

It’s a three foot doll that can plan for the destruction of things with a small observation of the environment around him.

We’re shown that with some of the most creative kills he (I guess you could say) earned was clear since the first movie.

For example, Chucky after becoming the doll that’s known today has a moment when he found a partner who betrayed him as a human.

But, he cleverly used a trick to have that former partner kill himself.

Imagine that and there’s 8 more movies with even more creative kills.

Light Up

Compare to A.I.

Meet Annabelle

Final Thought

Chucky is indeed a classic and is a staple on the hall of fame horror icons.

I’m just suggesting that someone that’s cunning and could catch Chucky off guard with the element of surprise.

Fire is what took him out the first time, and Slappy is someone that could use it to where Chucky is stuck in a loop of fire.

The 2019 doll is a separated non-canon version of the movie so I actually count them as 2 different dolls.

And he could do something that literally vaporizes the voodoo fueled doll.

This is a little less conventional of a fight but even Annabelle could do something in theory that takes out the serial killer.

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