“Why did my Instagram get disabled?” (Answered with 4 points)

Today I’ll be answering the question “Why did my Instagram get disabled?”

If you’re a social media user, particularly an ig user then you’ve probably heard about people getting their account deleted at some point in time.

“Why did my Instagram get disabled?”

There’s a chance that you violated their terms of use. You also have to understand that maybe it was an honest mistake on their part. They have the right to delete your account because it’s at their discretion for who they allow on their platform, but if your account was compromised then we have some tips to help you get it back.

Terms of Use

There’s terms of use that instagram had whenever a user makes an account.

It should go without saying, but there’s a chance that you violated one or a few of their agreements that fall in these terms of use.

Maybe it was a mistake

I wanna talk about the flaws of the system (specifically about Instagram).

There’s a chance that Instagram accidentally deleted your account.

There’s been cases where users brought attention to the fact that the company deleted their account out of the blue.

It’s at their discretion

This is gonna be an answer that may upset someone, especially someone who’s actually going through this, but Instagram can do what they want.

You have to understand, Instagram is a user based app designed by one person.

That person can choose whoever they want to be on their app.

As fucked up as it may sound, they can do whatever they want.

Think of it this way, if you threw a party you could invite whoever you want, and let’s say everybody’s there.

Everybody’s having fun and everything’s going smooth.

But you stubbed your toe on a table then get mad; you’re mad about it and look to the left.

The first person you see you kick them out without any reason whatsoever.

That is your right to do so.

You hosted the party, so you also have the right to kick out whoever you want as well.

Take these steps

Submit an appeal to the headquarters of Instagram.

If you need to get back into an account that’s just compromised then you can also request to have an access code sent to you.

Maybe you’re in a situation where your account is lost forever.

That’s okay.

If you have to be on Instagram then simply make a new account, you’ll have to change your name but you’ll be able to use the app again.

That should be the goal.

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