Are corn mazes dangerous? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering the question “Are corn mazes dangerous?”.

It’s October so corn mazes are one of popular activities that participants will start going to.

Big pieces of land that are stocked with plenty of corn stalks are all you need to call it a corn maze.

But are they dangerous?

Let’s answer it.

Are corn mazes dangerous?

They can be. You can get lost in some of the bigger mazes. At that point you’ll have to wait for someone to locate you and bring you to the exit.


There’s been plenty of stories going around where people get lost in corn mazes.

When you get lost it can be dangerous, especially if you’re at a sketchy maze.

Abductions are a real thing and if you’re lost inside of one of these things you could run the risk of running into someone that’s trying to take advantage of that.

Now you’ll have a better chance of avoiding that situation altogether if go inside with a group of friends, but if you’re lost then you’ll have to wait for help to arrive.

Luckily there’s some mazes that have phone booths to alert the owners that you’re lost and they’ll find wherever you’re at to bring you back to where you started.

One response to “Are corn mazes dangerous? (Answered)”

  1. Wow, didn’t realise corn maizes could be that dangerous. Interesting information.


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