Why did congress create election day in “the hope of”? (2 Reasons Explained)

Today I’ll be answering (Why did congress create election day in “the hope of”?).

Election Day is a nationally recognized holiday that happens in the fall season.

I decided to add this question to this section of the site for obvious reasons I hope.

It’s a tradition that most young adults up to the oldest living person alive goes through when living in the U.S.


But let’s get to the question.

Why did congress create election day in “the hope of”?

Congress created it for a new and better leader. There were problems that continued to show up under the same leadership. And ultimately this move to cycle in new candidates was made in order to improve the process of what we know as voting today.

New, better leader

To answer this question effectively it’s important to note what voting is used for first.

The people in the U.S. were experiencing problems that needed to be addressed and handled.

This was a democratic move that was put in place to make sure that the most capable person was fixing these problems that went on since 1845.

These problems ranged from women’s right to vote, abolish slavery and establish rights for other minorities (some are still getting worked on today).

With that said, it also was a better way of ensuring peace because it’s a majority rules result.

Think about it, what can the people be mad about if the person that’s in office is who they voted for in the first place?

Improve the process

There’s still problems in the voting process today, but it’s come a long way from where it used to be.

Voters used to have to travel at least a whole day before they could even see the polls.

With this in mind, Congress decided to make “election day” to give the voter a two day window that would allow them more time to cast a vote.

This move allowed for more voters (which was also big for candidates) in the election.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these points sum up why Congress created Election Day in the hope of.

There were problems and this move was used to usher in a new wave.

It fixed the process of casting votes and put a new system in place to make sure the better guy wins.

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