Why is yugioh better than pokemon? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering the question “why is yugioh better than Pokémon?”

You probably was introduced to this page from my about me page.

By now, you may know that I’m already leaning more towards Yugioh, but I’m deciding to talk about both.

Both of the shows have fun card games, and a large audience that supports them.

You can tell by the title that I have a preference between the two, but now I’ll be giving you points to back it up.

Yu-Gi-Oh is the better card game without a doubt.

Now let’s get to why exactly.

Why is yugioh better than pokemon?

There’s more strategy that goes into playing yugioh. The cards are as popular as the actual show. There’s more elements of magic in yugioh than there is Pokémon. From a card game standpoint the more popular show that transfers to the anime is yugioh. Also, from a design angle, the cards for yugioh are way better.

More strategy in yugioh

The cards are as popular as the show

Better magic elements

It transfers better to the anime

They look cooler (the cards)

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