Paying Social Media Jobs [5 Reasons IT WORKS] (#1 Online Money Making Method)

Today I’ll be introducing you to the number one online money making method; Paying Social Media Jobs.

This company is taking over the online money game by allowing it’s users to make cash, hand over fist doing a few simple tasks whenever you choose.

People are leaving their jobs because of this company.

And with the growth of social rising every single day, it seems to be growing along with it as well.

Let’s get to it!

Paying Social Media Jobs

With Paying Social Media Jobs you can join without any experience whatsoever, that’s how easy the jobs are. To the extent of what’s been attracting users is doing things as simple as posting comments. And with 3 different social media platforms to choose and the opportunity to make anywhere from twenty five to fifty dollars per hour, with a company that’s been over ten years in the business, it’s a lifetime opportunity!

No Experience? No Problem

Now if you read the synopsis of what this company is, you’re probably excited.

You may even be skeptical about the claim that you can participate in Paying Social Media Jobs without any experience.

But the claim is 100% true!

There are people right now on the platform that’s just learning how to use every social media platform that you could think of today, making money on them.

They’re making money without any content creation either.

These jobs can be done without any experience because of how simple the tasks you are given.

I’ve been a user of their platform and was shocked to see how many people across the world was willing to pay hundreds of dollars for something I see people doing every day.

I’ll put it this way, if you can register your own account (which is as simple as putting in your email and making a password), then you already meet the requirements that the clients are looking for.

“Check the comments”

If you were following along with what I was saying in the previous subheading, then you probably remember that I was praising the company for having easy procedures.

One of the main jobs that they promote via their site is having a job as simple as posting comments on behalf of your client.

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts how engagements get your brand’s awareness up.

And what companies are just now finding out is that this is a valuable process that’s worth investing in.

Comments are simple to do and if you’re a beginner, it’s something that even you can do.

Most of the times the companies that hire you give you a generalized script that tells you what you should say.

Most of the time you also get creative control on how you say what you do, as long as you’re somewhat in the ballpark with how they want you to engage.

So consider this your insight into the most basic type of work you could find yourself doing when you sign up for the platform.

3 Social Medias To Choose

There are three major forms of social media that you could choose from when deciding to use PSJ.


Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the internet right now.

I grew up on the platform in my early teen years and found it to be one of the easiest ones to use.

It’s helpful that they allow Facebook to be used because the layout is simple and easy to learn.

Granted, it has developed to match the likes of the newer platforms in order to remain relevant, but since it acquired Instagram it’s been able to do its own thing.


If you’ve followed my previous posts on YouTube and how big of a video platform it is then you’ll understand that companies that run businesses want to tap into this outlet.

Again, the type of jobs you could expect could range anywhere from simply making comments on behalf of an existing channel.

You could be making a video, or even just making a title for a video they plan on posting.

Chances are if you’ve ever consumed media online, it probably came from YouTube.

It’s another really easy platform to use and get paid for (that other companies will compensate you for your time).


Twitter is another one of the “big 3” for social media platforms that’s offered on the site.

Everyone’s big 3 is different, it’s all preference.

I like the platform but I do find it the hardest to grow organically.

The good thing is that they continue to keep the difficulty of your job only around what you’re comfortable with doing.

Take advantage of that, and be open to trying get familiarized with these platforms (especially if you’re getting paid for it).

$25-$50 per hour

This might be another enticing attraction that brings you to wanting to use the PSJ platform.

The standard minimum wage in the U.S. is $18 an hour.

The accumulation of jobs that you get when partnering with PSJ obviously totals out to $25-$50 an hour.

This is actually considered a starting expectation of pay when taking on the jobs.

There’s plenty of success stories that show users making anywhere to a couple thousand a week.

The amount you make is completely up to you.

10+ years in business

Now you may be concerned still with the legitimacy of this business.

But you needn’t worry at all with the fact that this company’s been around for the past 12 years to be exact!

Most businesses fail within the first 3 years.

Anything after that is considered an authority in their industry.

The proof is in the hundreds of people who took the opportunity and profited as a result.

The only reason why it’s less represented in the media is because of how reluctant most business owners were at the time to outsource work that needed to be done.

But with the surge of business owners appearing within the past few years, it’s proving to be a great investment for both the business owner and freelancer.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this opportunity is one that’s going to be a great option (and my #1 method) to make money online.

Your experience is irrelevant, the jobs shape up to be as simple as posting a comment to an even more advanced job depending on what you can handle.

You get the opportunity to choose any big social media platform to conduct your tasks on which is huge if you can appreciate having options.

$25-$50 an hour could be taking a step up depending on what you do currently for work, and you know you’re in good hands because the company’s been around for so long.

Give it a try and take action now if you’re studies about making money online.

You’ll find a one minute quiz that’ll even help you discover what job would be best for you if you’re interested.


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