Why Does Chucky Kill?

Today I’ll be answering why does Chucky kill.

We’re gonna focus on this killer doll that seems to keep finding new ways to cheat death.

This is an analysis that’ll put a better spotlight on his motivations, and where he gets the guts to kill his victims.

This villain is an undeniable staple in the history of the horror genre.

Very much different from a Ghostface, Michael Myers or even Jason.

Why Does Chucky Kill

Chucky kills because he actually wants to. He ended up having his soul trapped in a popular children’s toy called a “Good Guy” doll. From there he has the motive to continue killing in order to transfer his soul into Andy’s body.

His Soul’s Trapped

Chucky’s trapped inside the body of a Good Guy doll in order to avoid death.

He was first known as Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer.

He found himself trapped in the doll because of the powers of a Haitian voodoo God called Damballa.

He has the ability to split his soul into numerous pieces as he grows in his voodoo magic powers.

Although he was stuck in the doll at first he eventually became successful in transferring his soul into the body of Nica Pierce.

It’s safe to say that Chucky ended up getting his body stuck in the doll because of his arrogance.

He was chased down by Detective Mike Norris and swore revenge on him and his partner Eddie Caputo.

The popularity of the Good Guy brand made it seem as if it was fate for Charles to find himself at the toy store.

This store would hold the doll that would be his vessel for future murders.

Chucky Wants To

His first kill was his own mother, as revealed in Chucky season one.

To give the scene a proper detail, there was an intruder that broke into a young Charles Lee Ray’s house.

The mom grabs her son and hides in a closet with hopes of dodging the intruder, instead Charles stabs his mother to death.

His youth had a series of flashbacks in this season that showed how random of an act this was for Chucky to have.

Most of his experiences during these flashbacks happen at his home.

2 important times of his life was during his birthday party and opening candy after a night of trick or treating.

This was also Chucky’s first kill with a knife, which explains why it’s his preferred method to kill his victims.

It’s worth mentioning, it only happened because he had the opportunity to do so without any consequences whatsoever.

Transfer his soul into Andy’s body

Since the very first movie “Child’s Play” Chucky’s goal was to transfer his soul into Andy Barclay.

He makes this his goal in order to become human again.

Chucky finds out that he has to transfer his soul into Andy because he was the first person that he told his secret to.

The secret told was actually being the notorious killer Charles Lee Ray who put his soul in the body of his Good Guy Doll.

We see that he continues to make this his goal all the way up to Child’s Play 3 actually, until he find another prospect in Tyler.

Childs Play 3

He continues to have ties to Andy all the way through the story, even going into the tv show.

Although he abandoned his initial goal of taking over his body, Andy still makes it his business to stop Chucky by any means.

Chucky FAQs

How does Chucky kill his victims?

Traditionally using really sharp objects.

Although Chucky’s known for using these objects on his victims they also have proved to be effective when used on him as well.

How to kill Chucky

The number one way to kill Chucky is by shooting him in the heart.

How Many Kills Does Chucky Have?

Chucky has a kill count that roughly adds up to 67 people.

The majority of his kills was totaled up from the first Child’s Play film all the way to Cult of Chucky.

It all started when his first kill was none other than his own mother.

This was revealed in the first season of the tv show Chucky in which his total body count was pushed even further to another 34.

Sure it’s way less than let’s say a Pennywise who has a rough estimate of around 12,000 to 18,000 kills.

However he does beat a menacing Jason who only has about 25 kills.

There’s been a kill count that began even before the films in where he gained an easy 22 bodies in his youth.

During that time period we experience his most important kills being Vivian Van Pelt, Daniel Pierce and Tiffany’s mother.

From there we enter Child’s Play, the first film in which his victims included Maggie, Andy’s babysitter.

Her, Eddie Caputo, John Bishop, and Doctor Ardmore.

Next is Child’s Play 2 where we experience his main kills being Phil, Joanne, and Gracie.

And next is Child’s Play 3 where the main deaths in the story were Colonel Cochran, Sergeant Botnick, Cadet Shelton and Harold.

Next is Bride of Chucky that has another set of important kills that drive the story forward.

This is the movie where Tiffany is finally killed by Chucky and we as the fans are given a companion for the killer doll.

Although that’s possibly the most important kill of the movie, there’s also a few more names worth mentioning.

Chief Warren, Officer Norton, and “Damien” are the names that you’ll probably care about most.

But when we get to Seed of Chucky we witness a few celebrity kills that make the movie fun.

Brittany Spears, Red Man and Jennifer Tilly who plays herself are some of the most memorable deaths.

And yeah Red Man was killed by Tiffany technically but I’m still going to add it to shenanigans that Chucky influenced.

Who does Chucky kill

Other than his mother one of his most important kills was Sarah Pierce.

How to defeat Chucky

There’s a bullet through the heart, blowing him up, industrial fan, mutilation, patience and even a curbstomp to boot.

Does Chucky kill kids

Yes because in the tv show he kills teenagers.

If we skip straight to the tv series, his victims that included teenagers was Oliver and Junior in season 1.

The number stayed the same when we get to season 2 in where the kid that died was the one we meet in the first episode.

Throughout the rest of the series it includes only 2 more children but for anybody who hasn’t watched I’ll keep it secret.

Chucky TV Series Season 1 – 2

Final Thoughts

So these are the points that answer the question.

Most respected users on Quora agree that Chucky is a person that kills for pleasure.

Without spoiling too much of what powers Chucky develops, it’s worth mentioning that he has a cult dependent on killing people.

You can check any Chucky Fandom page and find the same claim about his motives.

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