(explained) Why is yu yu hakusho called that?

Today I’ll be explaining why is the show Yu Yu Hakusho called that.​

Yu Yu Hakusho started off as a manga that was written by Yoshihiro Togashi.

The show was canceled because the creator simply got tired of creating new chapters for the manga.

The series required a weekly submission and after working 3 years on it, he was ready for something different.

That different thing that he went on to make was the series that we know today as Hunter x Hunter.

But back to the topic.

The show is widely respected because it is known for having a great hook.

Rather than most anime where you can expect what you’re gonna get, this show starts in one direction and goes in completely different routes eventually.

Why is yu yu hakusho called that?

It’s a play on Yusuke’s name. The title changes if you switch between the manga and the anime. The anime coins the term “ghost files,” while the other name “poltergeist report” is used with the manga.

Yusuke’s name

Anime and Manga

Final Thoughts

This was a short post, but that’s all there is to it with Yu Yu Hakusho.

With it being a play on words to reflect the nature of the main character’s role in the series, it’s easy to figure out.

They expanded the identity by having the name known as different things when comparing the anime to the manga.

It’s a very clever move by the way.

But what do you think about the name?

Do you like the title more for the anime or the manga?

See you on the next post!

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