(Answered) Is Chucky a man?

Today I’ll be answering if Chucky is a man.

It can be confusing once you get into the transferring of souls discussion that surrounds this good guy doll.

But the case is pretty cut and dry when you observe the clues we’re given in the films.

I also touched on this topic a little bit on the post “who is Chucky and why does he kill?.

Let’s get into it.

Is Chucky a man?

Chucky has the soul of a man inside of him. His physical body was killed before he performed the voodoo ritual, but we learn that he is indeed a man following the events that happen in Bride of Chucky.

Final Thoughts

This should be proof enough that Chucky is a man.

Every film we’re given actually gives us plenty of reason to believe that Chucky is indeed a man.

In his human form he was literally a man named Charles.

And everything was transferred from his body into the doll.

It’s cool to see that his anatomy transferred over too because it kept the series going without it getting boring.

If you want a movie that undeniably confirms Chucky to be a man, just watch the movie Bride of Chucky.

Bride of Chucky

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See you on the next post!

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