Is the witcher worth watching? (Answered w/ 4 points)

You might want to know, is Witcher worth watching?

Well let’s figure it out.

Is the witcher worth watching?

Yes. The production value and writing’s improved since season 2 to set up fans for an exciting season 3. The average viewer likes the Witcher better than game of thrones, and that’s coming from a show with hundreds of millions of viewers. The well performing game was most people’s introduction to the series, and the interest appears to be equal. If you have reasonable expectations you’ll enjoy the show.

Improved Quality Since Season 2

The reviews for season 3 shows that it’s made big improvements to their production values and script writing.

The Witcher > Game of Thrones

On average, fans of both (the popular) Game of Thrones and this show tended to like this show way more than Game of Thrones.

The Video Game Franchises

The video game franchise for the witcher has shown to be a big attraction to the story in general.

Is it overrated?

Although the show is highly popular, a big question that was asked going into the third season was if the show was overrated.

And the agreement was that it was short of great, but good enough to watch at the same time.

The show has an enjoyable main protagonist in geralt of rivia.

There’s been a lot of analyzing his character throughout the entirety of the series.

I actually have a post on if he’s an antihero.

Final Thoughts

These points should explain why the witcher is worth watching.

Let’s revisit.

  • High production values
  • The video game is a best seller
  • More popular than Game of Thrones
  • Solid show, worth investing in

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