Why is Goku Afraid of Chi Chi? (3 points explained)

Today we’re gonna look at why is Goku afraid of ChiChi.

Let’s get straight to it.

Why is Goku Afraid of Chi Chi?

First of all, ChiChi has an incredibly short temper, at least with Goku. It’s been shown throughout all of the sagas that she’s apart of that she’s a fearless woman. She’ll yell at Goku, and it’s even reasonable to think that she would go as far as to starve him if he makes her mad enough.

Her Temper

ChiChi’s temper is a real thing.

It’s believed that her temper is a parody of what nagging wives have with their husbands.

Her temper has been an ongoing joke in the DBZ community because she’s the one who will consistently yell at Goku.

She’s Fearless

Chi chi is also known to be fearless despite whatever type of threat is in her way.

She’s had moments in the series where she either completely disregarded danger or faced it head on.

One notable thing she did that proved her fearlessness was to step up to the likes of Super Buu, even when it was clear to the rest of the Z fighters how much of a threat he was to the planet.

She could threaten to starve him

To have a little fun with how much of a threat ChiChi could be to Goku is to do something as wicked as to starve him.

Why would that be a reason Goku could be scared of her you may ask?

Simple, he loves food!

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