Which Disney animated series was better, “Kim Possible” or “The Proud Family”? (3 points explained)

Today we’ll be answering which Disney animated series was better, “Kim Possible” or “The Proud Family”?

Disney has been known to make a tremendous lineup of hit animated shows.

Kim possible and The Proud Family both are centered around female leads.

Kim Possible takes pride in the action mainly where you have a tech spy that consistently saves the world.

The Proud Family mainly focuses on the life of a girl (Penny Proud) and the experiences of her family and friends.

Let’s get to it.

Which Disney animated series was better, “Kim Possible” or “The Proud Family”?

The proud family. Kim possible is a close second, but the real life stories that Penny and her family goes through are more relatable. Both families have great fathers, but Oscar proud brings more to the show. I also think it’s better because both shows came out around the same time, but the proud family was the show that actually earned a reboot.

Real world issues

The real world issues that they face in the Proud Family made it so enjoyable.

They faced things such as racism, making new friends, learning new cultures, and much more.

The issues ranged from big problems to little ones which gave the show so much variety, and the ability to last as long as it did.

One of the most memorable messages that they had was actually a holiday special in which the family decided to celebrate kwanza with a family that appeared to be poor in Seven Days of Kwanzaa.

Oscar is a great dad

One reason that I picked The Proud Family over Kim Possible was the father figures.

Kim Possible has a super smart dad with him being a scientist and all, but Oscar is the owner of a business that’s usually reviewed negatively.

But in top of that, we see his (Oscar’s) growth as a father figure in Penny’s life.

Mr. Possible’s job is about all we see him for in the show.

Even the mom has more of a role in the show.

However with Oscar we see him struggle and succeed most of the time in being a good father, husband, son and brother.

Earned a reboot

One of the reasons why I think the Proud Family is a better show is because the fans decide.

Although I think it’s the better show, getting a reboot to me means that the fans think they wanted more from the show (making it better).

It took years for them to do it, but when you can do a reboot with the stars of the original show in it, the numbers speak.

And what they tell me is that this show had more fans at the end of the day.

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