Why did the baby shark song become popular? (4 points explained)

Today we’re gonna look at why did the baby shark song become popular.

If you have a toddler or have been around a toddler within the past couple years then there’s a chance you’ve heard this song.

It probably came out of the blue, and you wondered why or how it even came about.

Let’s look into it.

Why did the baby shark song become popular?

Baby shark became so popular because it’s cute. The combination of the video and the song makes it easy to catch the attention of kids. Also, the company pinkfong remixed the song which helped boost the popularity of the song even further. And the song is just easy to repeat.

It’s cute

Plain and simply put, we as a society agree that we like cute things.

The baby shark song delivered because it captured the cuteness factor to make it such an enjoyable sound.

For starters they have kids singing the song in costume while doing a motion to put a dance with the audio (which copies the formula for Kids Bop as well).

It was made into many other arts and collectibles which definitively turned the song into a full on brand.

Since it’s safe to equate cuteness with kids, it made it easy to market and promote products that are made for kids with the image of baby shark.

Catches attention

The baby shark song catches attention with it’s unique background and excellent use of green screen.

Who would have thought that something so simple could work so well?

It has a water setting that makes anyone watching the video feel as if they’re actually in the sea.

You can find plenty of people that decided to do their own parody of the hit song to cater to their audiences as well (possibly the fans that have kids), which is a brilliant move.

Doing things that can effectively catch the attention of new people is a classic marketing move that the go getter will get up to do every time.

Thanks Pinkfong

Pinkfong is a company that is known for making numerous songs for kids.

What they did was take the liberty of remixing this popular children’s song (that they already own) and took it to even higher levels.

They are a Korean musical based brand that has their own image in the same style of baby shark, but as a fox.

They went on to make television program specials based off the song.

This was personally one of the first collaborations that I was able to witness when they created Pinkfong and Baby Shark’s Space Adventure.

If you have a Roku tv, then you can find their own network on the Roku Channel already.

Easy to repeat

Part of being a popular song is the ability to have it recognized.

How is that done you may ask?

If it’s able to be repeated.

If I remember correctly, most of the song just repeats a section of a phrase over and over again with occasional switches in the nouns.

The words in the song are pretty basic which also helps.

The title is showered all throughout the entirety of the song, and then ends with the phrase “do-do-do-do-do.”

Another factor that plays a role in it being repeated so much is the remixes that came with the original.

What they did was make the same song with different themes.

For example, a Halloween edition, and other types that keep the same message.

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