Why does Hank Hill hate California and New York in King of the Hill? (2 facts explained)

Today we’re gonna look at why does Hank Hill hate California and New York in King of the Hill.

This is a small part of the show but it does help us as viewers understand why Hank is the way he is.

But let’s get into it.

Why does Hank Hill hate California and New York in King of the Hill?

Hank is from Texas, a conservative state, and both (California and New York) are Liberal states. So to be as black and white about it as possible, they stand for everything that he’s against. There are places that he wants to visit though, as he openly declared that he likes Indiana.

Liberal vs Conservative

Hank is an open conservative (wow, that sounds a little contradicting).

But with that said, he’s also a Texan which is known for being proud from where they are, and the only thing greater than Texas to them is America as a whole.

But with Texas being a conservative state, they do have enemies in state in fact, and they’re predictably states that are liberal.

That’s why it was such a shock to Hank when in season 5 (episode 10) he found out that he was actually born in New York.

It was actually a pretty good episode that gives you better insight into what Hank has against that state and areas alike.

Hopes to visit Indiana

Hank has expressed before in the show that he likes Indiana.

The good thing about this show is the fact that their behaviors are funny because of how predictable and relatable they are.

Hank is pretty standard when looking at your typical conservative American.

He likes good food, nice lawns, outdoor activities, and propane of course.

But as for Indiana, Hank likes Indiana because of the weather they have in variety.

It’s usually hot all around in Texas and that’s cool with Hank, but as he’s shown his family and friends, he still likes “like minded” people, but their political affiliation can play a role in who they are and what they have to offer.

Texans, at least in Hank’s lens are hard working honest people who do labor work (usually).

Indiana has one thing that I could imagine Hank wants to see, their steel mill production.

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