Can i sell nightmare before christmas ornaments? (answered)

Today I’ll be answering if you can sell Nightmare before Christmas ornaments.

This is actually more of a legal-type question, but it’s actually pretty common with the Nightmare before Christmas brand.

Every year you’ll get someone that wants to copy an existing name and they want to know if they can recreate it.

But let’s figure it out.

Can i sell nightmare before christmas ornaments?

The only way you can do it is if you get a deal made with the owner. They have to clear the rights to the image before you can sell it anywhere. Again, that is only if you’re trying to sell them with the same name and identical images. However, you can sell items that are similar in likeness.

Let’s make a deal

As I said, the only way you could sell products that has the same name as the Disney classic is if you were to get permission from the owner.

In this case it would be Tim Burton.

This is a legal scenario in which you’re actually just borrowing the name to hopefully make a profit.

Am I seeing double?

You’re in luck if you want to do something different than borrowing the name of a brand.

Same as what most cartoons do when they want to paint the picture of having you think of another company, you can make the name and image of your design similar to what you want to create.

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