Is The Nightmare Before Christmas too scary for kids? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering if The Nightmare Before Christmas is too scary for kids?

This will be a pure judgement call on the parents.

And to keep things in perspective, this post is coming from a childless black man, so there might be something I may miss on this answer.

I invite you to leave a comment and change my opinion if you can.

But let’s get to it.

Is The Nightmare Before Christmas too scary for kids?

It depends on who the kid is. It’ll be playing it safe if you let a 7 year old and up to watch it. The movie has elements that would be considered scary if your child is emotionally scared easily. It’s PG so they actually want parents to watch it with their kids as well. Matter of fact, you might even get something out of it too.

7 and up

In my general answer provided above, I did recommend that you let a 7 year old (if you have one) or above watch it.

If we’re going off the movie’s rating then PG is agreed to be a movie that a kid that age can watch on their own.

Everyone has different styles of raising their kids, but if you trust the rating team then go ahead and do it.

The movie has kid friendly language and situations that are appropriate for everyone, the only thing in question are the intended scary moments.

Is your kid ready? (There’s an option) if there’s doubt

Just to double down on the laser heading is making sure that your kid can handle such a movie.

It’s only PG.

So if you’re the type to trust the team who rates the movie then make the right call.

It is supposed to be a kid movie that actually has entertainment pieces that are even made for kids.

However, if you want an idea for the type of pieces that are out that’s made for kids, then check out the video below.

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