Why does my bts album not have a poster? (5 points Explained)

Today I’ll be answering why your BTS album is missing a poster.

BTS is one of the biggest Korean pop boy band groups ever.

Their popularity is as big as personality each member brings to the group.

They have many different products

and merchandise to please their fans.

But without further ado, let’s get into the question at hand.

Why does my bts album not have a poster?

New sellers hardly have them. There’s two versions of k-pop albums, ones that came with posters, and ones without. The most beautiful moment in life pt. 2 album comes with a random poster, but that’s only if it’s a first press edition, and there’s the love yourself album, her, version v edition, but the poster it comes with is unofficial. But the wings Volume 2 version and butter album does come with official posters.

W Version

The BTS – Wings volume 2 (W version) is one that you can count on having a poster included.

It’s available for purchase right now on Amazon.

If you look up product reviews on this particular album, you’ll find that owners recommend you get it from Amazon since they guarantee what’s inside.

It’s loved by everyone that has the album.

That can be assured since it has 4.7 stars out of 5 out of 106 ratings.

Only 5% of the reviews gave it one 1 star.

1% of the votes gave it 2 stars.

2% gave the album 3 stars.

5% gave it 4 stars, and an incredible 86% gave it 5 stars!

I don’t know about you, but I like those numbers.

What makes this album so special is that the owner that makes the CDs stopped making extra posters for this volume.

It’s a great album to have for any real bts fan.

It’s only the second Korean studio album made by the group.

And if there’s anywhere else that you’re looking to get a real copy, you can actually get it from Walmart as well.

BE (Deluxe Edition)

The BE deluxe version of the album is another one that will give you an official poster of the group.

To be specific, you get the CD, poster and much more!

This album is another that’s a winner for everyone that bought and reviewed it.

It’s more recent than the other Wings album mentioned earlier.

To give you a better idea, the track list for this album was revealed only in 2020.

There’s fans that get this album mixed up with the BE Essential edition, but there is a difference.

The main thing is that the essential edition comes with less memorabilia.

Depending on where you get this set, the prices are pretty different.

The difference can be anywhere from 10-$15, but I’m sure if you’re as big of a fan as what I bet you are then it’ll probably be less of an issue than for others.

The goodies that come with this box set are just too good to pass up.

It’s the deluxe version for a reason.

If you’ve ever bought a video game or movie with your favorite story included, you usually sprung for the deluxe version.

And with that, you had a good feeling of being complete since you had the best thing that they had to offer.

If you’re looking for bts posters that are available for purchase now, pick any of the 3 below.

With each purchase, supports the site and it’s content.

K-POP Idol Group 2020 New 12 Poster + 1 Sticker Set (All A3 Size) (Super M)

8 Pcs KPOP Bangtan Boys Map of the soul 7 Bangtan Boys poster, Wall Sticker of Jungkook/Jimin/V/Suga/Jin/J-Hope/Rap Monster (BT4)

8 Pcs Kpop Bangtan Boys Map of The Soul 7 Bangtan Boys Poster, Wall Sticker of Jungkook/Jimin/V/Suga/Jin/J-Hope/Rap Monster (BT5)

BTS Album Poster

The BTS proof album is covered in a plastic bubble wrap to ensure the contents are protected properly.

Inside you’ll find an autographed poster with every member’s signature on the front.

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