Why do albums disappear from Spotify? (Answered)

Why do albums disappear from Spotify?

That’s the question we’ll be answering from the Music Page.

Let’s look into why exactly.

Why do some albums disappear from Spotify?

There’s a chance that the artist that made the album, or even the label they’re under removed it. There’s rights and licensing that plays a role as well. The removal of your favorite album is actually more common than you would think, dating back as far as 2017. Also, depending on your region, the album is probably only blocked.

Artist/Label Removed it

There’s a chance that the artist or label that made the album took it off the platform.

Rights and Licensing

The rights and licensing of the music plays a major role in it’s availability.

It’s pretty common

In 2017 there were many albums that were being complained about being removed from Spotify.

Two of the most popular albums that were removed was Lamb of God – Sturm und Drang & Thy Art is Murder – Holy War.

What’s your region

Depending on where you live, the album might just be blocked.

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