Why do I feel exhausted after a panic attack? (4 points explained)

Today we’ll be looking at why you feel exhausted after a panic attack.

This is of course another part of the anxiety series from the mental health page.

A lot of what we’ve been talking about lately is what you’re doing while having panic attacks.

But this one’s a little different.

We’ll be looking at what happens after one.

Let’s get into it!

Why do I feel exhausted after a panic attack?

You feel this way as a result of the after effects from your physical reactions of the panic attack. It stretches out to many other things as well, things such as your finances and your mental energy. These results can also give you an insight into possible depression and anxiety coming your way.

Physical Reactions

You feel this way because there’s so many different things that you could have felt after having a panic attack.

Shaking, nausea, dry mouth, and being out of breath is just a few after effects to name a few.

Think about it, your body put itself in a much faster pace than what it usually is used to.

A good example would be someone running a marathon for the first time ever, without any practice or anything – you’ll most likely be exhausted too.

It’s really a workout in itself.

If you’ve been to the gym or lift weights before, you’ll know what that feeling of rest right after the session.

Even the next few days you might feel sore as a result of putting a lot of stress on your body.

It’s the same thing when you apply the panic attack.

For my fellow adults, if you’ve ever had a hangover before, you’ve felt physically bad the next day

You probably found it hard to get out of bed, stand up, or pick things up that you usually could.

The point is, these panic attacks can leaving you feel like you got out of a big fight that you lost.

Lost Money

On top of the physical exhaustion that you get from a panic attack, you can also get one financially.

In our other posts about bad decisions that people make when dealing with finances, you might feel the after effects after you calm down.

This is actually a really deadly one because it might take days, weeks or even years until you realize that what you made was a bad decision.

In this case you exhausted your back account – because of a temporary feeling.

It’s important to put this feeling in check and learn to separate your feelings from your money early because your decision could affect others.

As I said before – for a lot of people money is a big emotional factor.

If you feel bad about your money, then it could put you in a bad emotional state as well.

And this feeling is stronger, better yet deeper than just worrying if you have enough money.

People that get this feeling are already past that feeling of doubt, and instead feel defeated.

If it’s “too late” and you already feel bad because of your money then the best thing you could do for yourself is talk to a professional.

Mental Energy

Next is the mental effects that you could be dealing with after a panic attack.

Yes it’s a mental health issue, but you still have things that affect your mind.

Matter of fact, you’ll still get this feeling of being drained mentally after the episode.

One of the biggest things it can affect is your behavior – your social skills.

You’ll probably feel less of a person – less of a person when talking or dealing with other people.

It can get so much out of hand to the point where you’ll withdraw from interacting with people for long periods of time.

On top of having your social life feeling bad, you could also find this affecting your line of work.

If you work with other people, or even work in a position of where you serve others, you might notice that the quality of your service is worse than what it once was.

The thoughts that could go through your head might be things that are negative.

We talked about it before, but you could be stuck in a cycle of thinking about things that were dark (traumatic).

Possible glimpse of “The Future“

First, it’s important to mention that depression can happen at the same time a panic attack happens.

But as far as the after effects, you could be stuck on that feeling a panic attack gave you and it puts you in a state where you’re depressed about it possibly happening again.

That depressed feeling can spiral into a feeling of anxiety.

Again, anxiety is rooted in fear and one bad moment (depending on how you handle it) could have you stuck on it and create a cycle where it repeats.

It’s pretty similar to that thought of “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” – because depression could come before the panic attack.

If that happens, then anxiety can be the result because you’re worried that it may happen again.

There’s 3 stages post panic attack that make your feelings predictable – worry, nervous and afraid.

They’re all pretty active forms of fear, but if you stay stuck in any of the 3, you could risk repeating the physical symptoms you get after (God forbid) another panic attack.

There’s still more study and research being put into the aftermath of panic attacks, but these are the common things that people see after them (especially the ones who “move on” without treating that trauma).

Final Thoughts

As a thank you for making it this far, here’s a video that talks more on the subject.

Also, consider buying one of the books that we think will help you with panic attacks and anxiety overall.

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There’s also this gem here – herbs for depression and anxiety

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